Monday, November 27, 2006

Classic West Coast 1993

These are two of the most slept on West Coast albums of the early 90's....

"I'M THA MAN WHO'LL BUST DAT ASS, I'M THE MAN WHO'LL BUST DAT ASS...SAAAYYYY WHAAAAAT!?!?!?". Gangsta classic shit. If you are a fan of the n.w.a.;ice cube,eazy e,dr dre,ren,and yes the d.o.c.,you'll straight love this album because he's the reason the west coast had to step up their techniques in mixin and rhymin in my opinion. king tee is one artist that straight up created a masterpiece because this whole album is simply perfect.
King Tee - Tha Triflin' Album
1. Drunk Tekneek
2. I Gotta Call Earl
3. Got It Bad Y'All - King Tee featuring The Alkaholiks
4. On Tha Rox
5. Just Flauntin'
6. At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
7. King Tee's Beer Stand
8. We Got Tha Fat Joint - King Tee featuring Nefretitti And Mad Kap
9. Where'sa Hoe Sat
10. A Hoe B-4 Tha Homie - King Tee featuring Deadly Threat And Ice Cube
11. Blow My Sox Off
12. Where'sa Hoe Sat (Cont.)
13. Triflin' Nigga
14. Black Togetha Again
15. Bus Dat Ass - King Tee featuring The Alkaholiks
16. Tha Great

Threat earned his start on the track "Color Blind," dropping one of the more memorable verses off of Ice Cube's 1991 Death Certificate album. He followed up with his debut solo album, Sickinnahead, If you want to get a real feel on how L.A. was in the Early to mid 90's, this is it......Strictly from a rollin' 40's point of view. It covers everything from runnin' game on women, to how to get away from one-time, when there on your ass. The beats are funked out, sometimes repetitive sounding, but lyrically untouchable.
Threat - Sickinnahead
1. PDK
2. Sucka Free
3. Niggas Like You
4. 4 Deep
5. Let the Dogs Loose
6. When It Rains
7. Get Ghost
8. 24-7
9. Shuta Fuck Up
10. Ass Out
11. La Zuu
12. The Whore Said It's Yours
13. Give It Up
14. Shote (Threw Wit Money)
15. Bust One fa Me
16. So Now You Know

Friday, November 24, 2006

The 90's Children Of Hip Hop

Remember back in the day when Hip Hop was for the kids?....The golden era produced some of the dopest pre-teen rappers to ever breath on the mic. Im sorry but Lil Bow Bow & Lil Romeo don't have nothin on these cats..........

Kriss Kross - Totally Krossed Out Password: Tha title says it all. This is strictly for tha kids. It doesn't fail at being just that so I guess this album was a success for them. They did have a few tracks on here that transcended age but not enough to pay for. This is a good listen if you wanna take a trip down memory lane though.
Da Youngstas - Da Aftermath Da Youngsta's were the definition of raw talent back in 1993. However unlike shyheim who carried on as a Wu Affiliate, Da Youngsta's disappeared into thin air, shortly after their last album "I'll make you famous" dropped. It's such a shame, as Taji, Qur'an & Tarik were some of Phillies best Mc's regardless of their age.Illegal - The Untold Truth Illegal's The Untold Truth from 1993 is still a classic to this day! Unlike the more clean cut Kris Kross or ABC, these young rappers cursed. But with some tough beats to match it. They never held back on all of their album and they had some funky numbers in Head or Gut, the Erick Sermon funk of We Gets Busy, Diamond D's funky Illegal Will Rock, and Lord Finesse's On The M.I.C. and its no nonsense style.Chi Ali - The Fabulous Chi Ali This album is dope...classic dope. First off, The World Famous Beatnuts produced the entire album, so you know the beats are all on point. To bad he's doin a lifetime bid for killin his girlfriends brother over drug money!!!Shyheim - A.K.A The Rugged Child This debut by Shyheim aka the rugged child can not go ignored by any fan of Early 90's - Mid 90's Hiphop. This album is classic Original NY dark hiphop at its finest. Despite the high pitched voice that shyheim has (since he was like 11 when he did this), this is one of the hardest & straight street albums to come outta 1993.
Another Bad Creation - Coolin At The Playground IESHA you are the girl that I never had and I want to get to know you better. Classic, classic. I used to play this cassette until it died.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Intelligent Hoodlum - Saga Of A Hoodlum

Sorry peoples!!! Ive been mad busy at work this week....Ill make up for it this weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.........

Onetime Riker's Island prisoner (served 20 months on Riker's Island for robbery in 1988) Intelligent Hoodlum flows with 18-carat insight about inner city agony, holy mess, and the theology of the Nation of Islam. Hoodlum's second album is rather chilling; unapologetic chronicle of ferocious, ugly, gruesome experiences (tearing, intense, terrifying, and funereal type stories!) relayed by someone neither joyous nor regretting what he's seen and heard. The album shows that their was no attempt to charm, overawe, or amuse in his vicious flowing and rhymes; this was just the straight dope. More of that good ol' NYC Boom-Bap! A must have!

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Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy Khadafi - Saga Of A Hoodlum
1. Shalom A Leck
2. Hoodlum Intro
3. Underground
4. Funk Mode
5. Grand Groove
6. At Large
7. Death Row
8. Speech (Check The Time)
9. Mad Brothas Know His Name
10. Pass The Teck
11. Street Life
12. Pump The Funk
13. Role Model
14. The Posse (Shoot 'Em Up)
15. Grand Groove (Bonus Mix)
16. Funky Roll Outro

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Uncle Murder...STR8 From Brooklyn's Underground

Sometimes you can tell when a rapper has what it takes. It's a special attitude, some even call it a swagger. But it's more than just that. They don't have to convince you of how dope they are either you know and recognize, or you don't (and then in that case, keep it moving!). Uncle Murda is that dude. He doesn't tell you how great he is, he just raps.

I usually don't post mixtapes but Brooklyn's Uncle Murder is the baddest unsigned MC in all of BK. The Green Lantern mixed "2 Hard For Hip Hop" is my favorite mixtape of 06. This dude spits raw & comes hard on every track. The return of the hardcore composer 4 sho!

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Once Upon a Time in Brooklyn

Image Hosted by
Say Uncle 2 Hard For Hip Hop

Image Hosted by
The Murder Capitol

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Orginized Konfusion

"How did hip-hop get caught up in this ill rap game?" "In hip-hop, whothey following - the niggas with skills or the niggas who be hollerin’?"These are only two of the questions posed by Organized Konfusion on TheEquinox, but they are easily questions that every so-called emcee and everyso called hip-hop head should be asking themselves. There are a few groupslike Organized who are illuminating truth, trying to protect their peepsfrom getting burned by the "fire" that Monch talks about. Still, the powersthat be would have fools believe that true fulfillment comes in the questfor the almighty dollar. So we put on the gloves they give us, as well asthe matching jacket, skully, boots, and goggles, and we leap into theflames. We are so far removed from the days when hip-hop was about takingwhat little resources you had to lace folks with the illest rhyme, thedopest beat, the unbridled truth about life and how you live it. We nowsettle for silly rhymes, jacked beats, and fabricated lies…and all thistime, Prince Poetry and Pharaoh Monch have been diligently putting in workto insure that hip-hop remains original, artistic, and above all, honest!!

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Organized Konfusion (1991)

Image Hosted by
Stress The Extinction Agenda (1994)

Image Hosted by
The Equinox (1997)

Image Hosted by
Pharaohe Monch - Internal Affairs (1999)

Image Hosted by
Prince Po - Pretty Black(2006)

Monday, November 13, 2006

1992 Crooklyn's Classic Mixtape

I got such a heavy E-mail responce over the 93 mix , i decided to make a 1992 joint as well. So get out your Motorola pagers, carhartt jackets, & your old Alpine car stereo tape player & bump your way back to the nine duece.

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Crooklyns Classic 1992 Mixtape (Download)

1. Red Hot Lover Tone - D.I.Y.M. (Dick In Your Mouth)
2. Bushwick Bill - Ever So Clear
3. Common Sence - Soul By The Pound (Remix)
4. EPMD - Crossover
5. Brand Nubian - Punks Jump Up To Get Beat Down (Remix)
6. Fu Schnickens - La Schmoove
7. Beastie Boys/Cypress Hill - So Whatcha Want (Remix)
8. Eric B & Rakim - Don't Sweat The Technique
9. Pete Rock & CL Smooth - Straighten It Out
10. Main Source - Fakin The Funk
11. Diamond D/Sadat X/Lord Finesse - You Can't Front
12. Kool G Rap - Ill Street Blues
13. K-Solo - Letterman (Remix)
14. Heavy D - Truthfull
15. Da Lynch Mob - Buck That Devil
16. Dr. Dre/Dogg Pound/Lady Of Rage - Puffin On Blunts Sippin On Tangueray
17. Kriss Kross - Lill Boys In The Hood
18. MC Ren - Final Frontier

Lord Finesse - 'Rare & Unreleased'

Image Hosted by
Lord Finesse - 'Rare & Unreleased'

1. Intro -
2. Lords Of Brooklyn feat. Lord Finesse, O.C. - 'Lakes Of Fire' -
3. Pitch Black - 'Show And Prove' -
4. Ak Skillz - 'Check The Flava' -
5. Lord Finesse - 'Tony Touch Freestyle' -
6. Interlude -
7. Ill Biskits - '22 Years' -
8. Ill Biskits - 'Let'Em Know' -
9. Ground Floor feat. Lord Finesse - 'Dig On That' Listen
10. Illegal feat. Lord Finesse, A.G. - 'On The M.I.C.' -
11. Shorty Long - 'Shorty'z Doin His Own Thang' Listen
12. Lord Finesse & Diamond D - 'Do Your Thing Kid' -
13. Interlude -
14. Lord Finesse - 'The Message (Demo Version)' -
15. Stephen Simmons feat. Big L, Marquee - 'Alone' -
16. Twice - 'Come Home' -
17. Jeff Redd - 'Show You' -
18. Lord Finesse feat. Rell - 'Ghetto' -
19. Black Coffey - 'Sunshine' -
20. Interlude

Saturday, November 11, 2006

1993 Crooklyn's Classic Mixtape

Crooklyn's Classic 1993 Mixtape Download

1.De La Soul - Breakadawn
2.Black Moon - I Got Ya Opin(remix)
3.A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God(remix)
4.The Jungle Brothers - 40 Below Trooper
5.Original Flavor feat. Jay-Z - Can I Get Open
6.Intelligent Hoodlum - Grand Groove
7.Naughty by Nature-Written On Your Kitten(remix)
8.Apache - Gangsta Bitch
9.The Alcoholicks - Only When Im Drunk
10.Das EFX - Baknaffek
11.Funkdoobiest - Bow Wow Wow
12.KRS-One - Mortal Thought
13.Kam - Peace Treaty
14.The Geto Boys - Murder After Midnight
15.Scarface - You Don't Hear Me Doe
16.The Coup - Last Blunt
17.The Flavor Unit MC's - Roll With The Flavor
18.The Ultramagnetic MC's - 2 Brothers With Checks

Friday, November 10, 2006

C-Rayz Walz

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C-Rayz Walz is a member of the underground record label Definitive Jux. As well as releasing four LPs and one EP, he has appeared on many other rappers' records, including Aesop Rock and Immortal Technique, and has done work with such artists as Percee P. Immortal Technique is reputed - by Walz himself - to be the only emcee who can hold his ground against Walz in a freestyle battle.This head is the TRUTH!!!! If you love that NYC sound than C is your man....grab these joints and catch up on some real hip hop!!!!

1975 Return Of The Beast
Image Hosted by

The Best Of The Beast
Image Hosted by

Singular Plurals
Image Hosted by

The Prelude
Image Hosted by

We Live-Black Samurai EP
Image Hosted by

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Slick Rick

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“Who the one who entertain and fume with?
Who you low breed humans can’t be in the same room with?
Brief and sweet, wrap it up, thief excrete
Every rapper rap maggot underneath Rick’s feet
Evicted! Why you trying to find hits to lick wid?
Even your kids tell you that you ain’t shit to Slick Rick
Though you pretend to be glory
I’m number one
That’s the end of the story”
— Slick Rick, “I Own America"

Image Hosted by
The Great Adventures of Slick Rick

Image Hosted by
The Ruler s Back

Image Hosted by
Behind Bars

Image Hosted by
Da Art Of Storytellin

Image Hosted by
Legends Part 1
1 Intro
2 Trouble (produced by J-Love)
3 Women Lose Weight (unreleased)
4 Sittin In My Car
5 I Sparkle
6 The Show feat. . Doug E Fresh
7 Mona Lisa
8 Mona Lisa, part 2
9 Children's Story
10 I Own America (unreleased)
11 I Shouldnt Have Done It
12 Venus
13 He Kills (unreleased)
14 A Letter 2 (unreleased)
15 Star Trek (unreleased)
16 World Renown (unreleased)
17 Captain Caveman (unreleased)
18 Vanessa Williams (unreleased)
19 Why You Doing That (unreleased)

Legends Part 2
20 Memories
21 Hey Young World
22 The Sun feat. Ghostface Killah, Raekwon & RZA (unreleased)
23 Moment I Feared
24 Gambling (unreleased)
25 Sleazy Gynecologist (unreleased)
26 Nutty Professor (unreleased)

Mos Def & Talib Kwelli are Black Star

Image Hosted by
In 1998 hip hop veterans Mos Def and Talib Kwelli collaborated under the name Black Star and released what many consider some of the best work of both emcees. A majority of this classic is produced by Dj Hi-Tek along with tracks by Mr. Walt of Da Beatminerz and others. Common also contributes to the single "Respirtation". Highly recomended album.


Saturday, November 04, 2006

Saturday Night Live Part 1 (Ghostface Killah)

CD version of the famous Ghostface (Wu Tang) show at BB King's House Of Blues in New York this year, featuring Cappadonna, Masta Killa, GZA, Trife da God and Killah Priest. This shit is no joke.....a clean live concert that keeps your head noddin track 1-27!!!!
Image Hosted by

01. Intro
02. Criminology
03. Ghost Deini
04. Interlude
05. Ice Cream - feat. Cappadonna
06. Nutmeg > Apollo Kids
07. Child's Play
08. Interlude
09. Hollav
10. One Blood - Masta Killa
11. Forth Chamber - feat. Killah Priest
11. Forth Chamber - feat. Killah Priest
12. Liquid Swords - GZA/Genius
13. Shimmy Shimmy Ya - OdB R.I.P
14. Run
15. Interlude / Sun God Freestyle
16. Be Easy
17. Be This Way
18. Mighty Healthy
19. Stay True
20. Outro
Plus 7 Bonus tracks!!!!!

Friday, November 03, 2006

Whats In My CD Changer.........

Whats really good people? I could not think of a post for i just posted whats in my CD changer at this very time. Cop these joints & put the shit on shuffle!!!

Tame One - Spazmatic
1. Acid Tab Vocab Pt. 1
2. I Just Rock
3. Bounce
4. Booty Wit Cheeze
5. Turn It Out
6. My Melody
7. Da Muzik
8. Hot
9. I Ain't Beat
10. Zuh Za Zuh
11. Tamer Dizzle
12. New Jeruzalems Finest
13. Dibby Dibby
14. ABC'z
15. Acid Tab Vocab Pt. 2
16. It's Spazmatic
17. 1,2 1,2 (Yes Yes Y'all)
18. Outro

Black Moon - Diggin In The Vaults
1. How Many Emcees - (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
2. Act Like U Want It - (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
3. Sh*t Iz Real
4. Son Get Wrec - (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
5. U Da Man - (DJ Evil Dee Remix)
6. Buckshots Freestyle Joint
7. F*ck It Up
8. I Got Cha Opin - (remix)
9. Buck Em Down - (remix)
10. Murder MC's
11. Headz Ain't Redee
12. Six Feet Deep

Organized Konfusion - The Remixes EP
A1, Walk Into The Sun (Remix)
A2, Stress (Extra P Remix)
B1, Bring It On (The Lost Remix)
B2, Bring It On (Blockhead Remix)
B3, My Peeps (Remix)

Poor Righteous Teachers - Rare & Unreleased
1. Can I Start This (Drummer & DJ Mix)
2. Styles Dropped (U.K. Mix)
3. Butt Naked (Remix)
4. The Very First Time
5. Holy Intellect (Can't Blend It)
6. So Low (Remix)
7. Steady Slangin (Project Mix)
8. Rock Dis Funky Joint (Croon)
9. Word Is Bond
10. Rock My Project
11. Time To Say Peace (Northside)
12. Name Brand Guns (Remix)
13. My Sound (Remix)
14. Word Is Bond

Pumpkinhead Orange Moon Over Brooklyn
1. Alkaline "N" Acide - (with Raiden)
2. Authentic - (with D.V. Alias Khrist)
3. I Just Wanna Rhyme
4. Trifactor - (with Supastition/Wordsworth)
5. Grenades
6. Dp One Interlude
7. Rock On
8. Anything
9. Swordfish - (with Archrival)
10. Emcee
11. Juckbox
12. Best, The
13. Monkey Shine - (with The Plague)
14. Here
15. Anthem For The End Of The World - (with Jean Grae/Chas)

Gang Starr Foundation - 'Ahead Of The Game'
1. DJ Jones & DJ Premier - Intro
2. Ahead Of The Game feat. Guru, Krumbsnatcha
3. Surprize (You Not Real) feat. Big Shug
4. Kick In The Door feat. Group Home
5. Ahead Of The Game (KMX Remix) feat. Guru, Krumbsnatcha
6. Holding It Down feat. Afu-Ra
7. Wolves (Nod Ya Head) feat. Krumb Snatcha

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Tek (Of Smif n Wessun) - I Got This

Image Hosted by

Tek - 'I Got This' (Download)

1. (L.S.W. - Intro) -
2. Looptie Loop -
3. Bust Dem Things Bwoy -
4. Squeeze -
5. Cop It Or Not -
6. Stackin My Dollars -
7. Wot U Want -
8. R.N. Imposter -
9. K.A.R. -
10. Hustla -
11. So Wot -
12. Trading Places feat. Steele, Rock, Sean Price -
13. Gotta Go -
14. Rodeo -
15. Run Around feat. Verbal Kent -
16. St. Pat Day Massacre feat. Stinc, Ruste Juxx -
17. Oh Yeah feat. Buckshot, Steele, Rock, Louieville Sluggah -
18. Torn -
19. I Like feat. E-Class, Nike -
20. U.C.L.A. (Universal Corna Lexington Ave.) -
21. Heavens Watching U -
22. My Name Is Jahari (4 Years Old) -
23. B.A. Da Boss Speaks -
24. (Ride - Outro) -
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