Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Intelligent Hoodlum - Saga Of A Hoodlum

Sorry peoples!!! Ive been mad busy at work this week....Ill make up for it this weekend. Have a Happy Thanksgiving.........

Onetime Riker's Island prisoner (served 20 months on Riker's Island for robbery in 1988) Intelligent Hoodlum flows with 18-carat insight about inner city agony, holy mess, and the theology of the Nation of Islam. Hoodlum's second album is rather chilling; unapologetic chronicle of ferocious, ugly, gruesome experiences (tearing, intense, terrifying, and funereal type stories!) relayed by someone neither joyous nor regretting what he's seen and heard. The album shows that their was no attempt to charm, overawe, or amuse in his vicious flowing and rhymes; this was just the straight dope. More of that good ol' NYC Boom-Bap! A must have!

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Intelligent Hoodlum aka Tragedy Khadafi - Saga Of A Hoodlum
1. Shalom A Leck
2. Hoodlum Intro
3. Underground
4. Funk Mode
5. Grand Groove
6. At Large
7. Death Row
8. Speech (Check The Time)
9. Mad Brothas Know His Name
10. Pass The Teck
11. Street Life
12. Pump The Funk
13. Role Model
14. The Posse (Shoot 'Em Up)
15. Grand Groove (Bonus Mix)
16. Funky Roll Outro


Anonymous cs said...

nice post. that's a really solid album and I like the video version of street life as well. the only thing that bugs me about that album is the sleeve, I hate it. so check this, I saved that image to my pc and put it in "paint" and inverted the colors, giving you the original colors not that weird looking alien stuff:

much better, IMO. peace

7:19 PM  
Anonymous cs said...

(you may have to stretch this replys window to get the whole image link, it ends in ".jpg")

7:23 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

Definitely a dope album - nice post.


8:17 PM  
Blogger Kazeiro said...

Intelligent Hoodlum is one of my favorite artists right now, his first album is a classic, I was wanting to check his 2nd for a while so thanks!

12:24 PM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

this album is his best album, this is a dark album, and i like the album cover it's unique, it makes the album look more grimy than it already is, reppin queens to the fullest, this is his second album and last album as intelligent hoodlum, i also noticed that he's more angry on this album which makes it more exciting to listen to, my favorite songs are:
1.Shalom A Leck- produced by k-def, he's one of hip hop most underrated producer, his beats are so melodic is not even funny, he was a student of marley marl, that piano sample is sick.
2.Underground- produced by k-def, that sample sounds like circus music but k-def made it sound so evil.
3.Funk Mode- produced by k-def, this sample has been used mad times but it's a hot sample, he does it again, the remix is better though wit large professor and havoc.
4.At Large- Co-produced by k-def, produced by marley marl, hot song, the i actually like this better than the remix even thiugh the remix is hot but not better than this.
5.Death Row- Co-produced by k-def, Co-produced by k-def, this has a real 70's feel to it but speakin about bein in death row, its mad real, speakin from a prisoner's perspective.
6.Mad Brothas Know His Name- produced by K-Def, Marley Marl, i love everything about this song, it has a real dark feel to it, the remix i like the remix a lil bit better y'all need to check that out.
7.Pass The Teck- produced by k-def, hot beat, another hot track.
8.Role Model- co-produced by dj cory, produced by Kool Tee, Shake City Productions, very real, talks about how role models can be a dissapoint, i like the beginning of the song they shouldve kept that for the whole beat.
9.The Posse (Shoot 'Em Up)- produced by Mr. Freaknasti, very original, talk about black cowboys back in the late 1800's, historical when you think about it, and how they were outlaws.
10.Grand Groove (Bonus Mix)- produced by k-def, i love that sample, what's the original name of that sample?

bottom line this album was groundbreakin' in my opinion, unfortunately this album is out of print, but if u see this album in stores, don't hesitate to buy it, peace.
p.s. @ c.s. thanks for posting the original picture of the album cover i never seen that before, mad props, peace.

11:59 AM  
Blogger Crooklyn said...

That album cover is tight CS...props 4 dat shit!!!

8:04 PM  

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