Monday, November 13, 2006

Lord Finesse - 'Rare & Unreleased'

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Lord Finesse - 'Rare & Unreleased'

1. Intro -
2. Lords Of Brooklyn feat. Lord Finesse, O.C. - 'Lakes Of Fire' -
3. Pitch Black - 'Show And Prove' -
4. Ak Skillz - 'Check The Flava' -
5. Lord Finesse - 'Tony Touch Freestyle' -
6. Interlude -
7. Ill Biskits - '22 Years' -
8. Ill Biskits - 'Let'Em Know' -
9. Ground Floor feat. Lord Finesse - 'Dig On That' Listen
10. Illegal feat. Lord Finesse, A.G. - 'On The M.I.C.' -
11. Shorty Long - 'Shorty'z Doin His Own Thang' Listen
12. Lord Finesse & Diamond D - 'Do Your Thing Kid' -
13. Interlude -
14. Lord Finesse - 'The Message (Demo Version)' -
15. Stephen Simmons feat. Big L, Marquee - 'Alone' -
16. Twice - 'Come Home' -
17. Jeff Redd - 'Show You' -
18. Lord Finesse feat. Rell - 'Ghetto' -
19. Black Coffey - 'Sunshine' -
20. Interlude


Anonymous Anonymous said...

DAMN.. sendspace told me, that the free service is not for my country.. can someone please up this anywhere else??

would be so glad..

greetz from germany

4:31 PM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

once again lord finesse releases another album, even though they're just rare and unreleased songs that he was featured on and also produced, ive heard most of these songs so it's nothin new to me but i can never get tired of his production, he needs to come out with an album, but he said that he's retirin, and i don't blame him because people nowadays are mad ignorant and won't even try to listen to him, my favorite tracks are Lakes Of Fire, Show And Prove (the beat big l used his infamous freestyle on his album the big picture),Check The Flava, i wish ak skillz made an album, that shit wouldve been hot especially comin from queens, alot of talent outta queens but cats be sleepin, 22 years, Dig On Tha, Shorty'z Doin His Own Thang' (i love that beat its so grimy and dark make u wanna go snuff someone, definetely a roughneck anthem), i don't know why he included Do Your Thing Kid that was on the awakening album, The Message (Demo Version) (beautiful beat), and Ghetto, i wish he wouldve put up songs like come on with sadat x (the original lord finesse produced version not the one on born again) thanks for postin this, peace.

3:09 AM  
Blogger marhood said...

What's the pwd to this joint?

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:45 AM  
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