Thursday, October 26, 2006

Slam: The Soundtrack

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Slam: The Soundtrack (1998)
I bought this soundtrack back in the day on the stregth of Black Rob's debut single "I Dare You". It was one of those jams that just sat on my mind for months. Representing the old school, there's Q-Tip, Brand Nubian, and KRS-One, who teams up with Saul Williams, a noted spoken-word artist and the film's star, who has appeared on both the Lyricist Lounge, Volume One and Black Whole Styles compilations. Then there's Big Punisher, Goodie Mob, Black Rob, Mobb Deep, and a surprisingly catchy Flipmode Squad. Still, the spoken-word interludes, taken from the film and performed by Williams, Sonja Sohn, Jerome Goldman, and Bonz Malone, put most all of the MCs to shame with it's intensity.

1. Cake B (Interlude) - Bonz Malone
2. Sex, Money & Thugs - Big Punisher
3. World I Know [Country Livin' Version] - Esthero
4. Thug Poetry - Noreaga
5. I Dare You - Black Rob
6. Ain't No Stoppin' - Product
7. Psychopath Nut (Interlude)
8. Hey - Q-Tip
9. Park - Coolio
10. D.O.P.E. (Drugs Oppress People Everyday) - Dead Prez
11. Why (Interlude)
12. Feel My Gat Blow - Mobb Deep
13. I Can See - Cappadonna
14. Time Is Running Out - Brand Nubian
15. Run Free (Interlude) - Sonja Sohn
16. Take a Walk in My Shoes - Baby Sham
17. Ocean Within - KRS-One
18. Galactic Funk [Live from the Black Hole Mix] - DJ Spooky
19. Sha-Clack-Clack (Interlude) - Saul Williams


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Blogger BULLANT said...

Not only are P.E. one ogf the best groups of all time but they put on one of the best shows Iv'e ever seen. I seen their last show of their 50th tour in Adelaide in 2003, the show went for 3 hours, the club had to pretty much kick them out at about 3am.

Crazy night, and they still stayed around signing records after with a 6 am flight in the morning. Thats loyalty to the fans right there.


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