Monday, October 16, 2006

Da Beatminerz

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The 5 member Evil Dee & Mr. Walt along with Baby Paul, Rich Blak, & Chocolate Tye came together in the late '90s to rejuvenate hip-hop with their purist aesthetics, which looked back to the genre's pioneering New York-based producers rather than the contemporary synthesizer-based sounds that were suddenly becoming the norm. The five group members, led by brothers DJ Evil Dee and Mr. Walt, honed their beat-making skills individually before joining forces and crafting the collective's trademark "boom bap" sound: an emphasis on the bottom end, the bass lines, the hard kicks, and the snares.

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Fully Loaded With Statik (2004)
1. Are U Ready? (Turn It Up!) – Feat. Lord Sear 2. Let’s Go – Feat. KRS One 3. It’s Not Enough – Feat. Wordsworth and Last Emperor 4. O (11.9) – Feat. J-Live 5. Live From Master Control – Feat. Dilated Peoples, 6. Charlie 2na, and Wordsworth 7. Hip-Hop (The Essense) – Sha Lumie 8. Feedback – Feat. Krumb Snatcha 9. Mafia Don – Feat. Last Emperor 10. U..., Me..., All Ov Us – Feat. Jean Grae 11. Check 1...2... - Feat. Larry Thomas, Posion Pen 12. Karniege, and J-Zone 13. Pull Your Card - Mystic 14. That’z Y – feat. David Banks 15. Came To Do – Feat. Wordsworth 16. Outro (Turn It Up!) – Feat. Terrell Rowell

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Brace 4 Impak (2001)
1.Intro / Live & Direct / Brace 4 Impak - Lord Tariq , Royce Da 5'9" 2.Devastatin' ..... That's Us!- Black Moon , Lord Have Mercy 3.Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah - Shadez Of Brooklyn 4.Hustler' s Theme - Last Emperor 5.Bentleys & Bitches - Jayo Felony , Ras Kass 6.Best At That - Diamond 7.Extreme Situation - Blackheart Scavangers , Cocoa Brovaz 8.Open - Pete Rock 9.Take That - Flipmode Squad 10.Drama - Shadez Of Brooklyn 11.The Anti-Love Movement - Talib Kweli 12.How We Ride - Freddie Foxxx , Heather B. 13.Shut Da Fuck Up - Apani B. Fly , Jean Grae 14.Thug Love - Naughty By Nature 15.Let's Talk About It (T.R.O.Y. Remix) - Krumbsnatcha 16.Ghetto 2 Ghetto - Cordell , Tefelarn
Brace 4 Impak (Instrumentals)


Blogger BHM225 said...

The link for the Beatminerz "Brace 4 Impak" Instrumentals is actually a Best of DJ Premier Instrumental Bootleg....just to let you know...please repost if your able....

1:35 AM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

da beatminerz is by far one the most overlooked and underrated producers in the world of hip hop, that braze 4 impak album is fire, i got it as a gift on christmas of 2002, i was so happy just listenin to it non stop until i got tired of listenin to it, full loaded with statik album was ok but it wasn't as good as their first album (my opinion), i just feel that they need to get back with their dusty samples and roughness that they were known for back in the 90's but then again u can't always do the same routine, but then again the way hip hop is today thats very much needed, what i don't understand is that why is that the big names in rap don't hire them for their beats, but then again certain people can actually rap to their beats, and their beats are for people that actaully spit hot lyrics, and when i used to live in ny, i used to buy alot of my cd's in music factory on jamaica ave, i just hope they go back to their roots and get recognized, thanks for the person that requested this and for posting this crooks, u got good taste in hip hop, keep up the good work, peace.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i also left out that the music factory that i used to shop for my cd's at i found out mr walt used to work for back in the days.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
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