Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Early 90's (part 2)

Lords of the Underground - Here Come The Lords (1993) "Here Come The Lords" is nothing short of excellent in its production. With DJ Lord Jazz on the wheels of steel and productions from Marley Marl, I guarentee this album will keep your head noding for its entire length. Doitall and Mr. Funke's lyrics are on point.
DMG - Rigormortiz (1993)This comming out album of one of the finest to ever hit the 5th ward Texas scene is bangin'. Bushwick, Scarface and Willie D (if you are a ghetto boyz fan you know what I'm saying) are all on it and the tracks and rappin' are timeless.
Justin Warfield - My Field Trip To Planet 9 (1993)Some of the most tripped out rhymes ever recorded. Who can forget "I'm not ma'am and George, but I'm down to Papadopalis/Swingin' from my rhymes like Spidely in Metropolis"? This is a GREAT hip hop album... upbeat and twisting ryhmes. For fans for A Tribe Called Quest/De La Soul this is for you.
Kam - Neva Again (1993) This album is alot different than simple gangsta rap that steady repeats itself. KAM 's lyrics make you think about the world we all live in. Combined with his partly rough and partly smooth music, his significant rhymes make the whole thing. Peace Treaty is the banger!
Spice 1 - 187 He Wrote (1993)187 He Wrote is my favorite gangsta rap Cd ever!! From top to bottom it's a classic. A must own!!! For any fan of that early 90's west coast rap this ones for you. Spice takes you through with Rhythmic wordplay and street knowledge.
Brotha Lynch Hung - 24 Deep (1993)Every single track on this joint is seriously off the hook, you'll be jammin' all the way through. It's too damn short, but the quality is high. His delivery and voice are the strong points.
Leaders of the New School - T.I.M.E. (1993)This never did well in the mainstream but it's an intelligent rapper's album, some said TIME was too hardcore for the people, and this in a day when street cred was already being measured primarily in terms of number of threats of violence issued rather than musical talent. Busta Rhymes at his best.


Blogger Stagalicious said...

Great post, Crook!

3:00 PM  
Blogger Straight Checkin Em said...

thanks for that justin warfield!! k sera sera was the shit back then bro!!

6:51 AM  
Blogger Straight Checkin Em said...

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6:51 AM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

the here comes the lords album is a classic album, i mean marley marl and k-def (who is a very talented and underrated producer, he deserves some fame) who are the key producers in this album you can't go wrong, what i didn't know until recently is that l.o.t.u.g. and lord finesse had beef because lord finesse said that mr funkyman bascially stoled his name, he (lord finesse) was known as funkyman first though, but its not talked about so not alot of people know, and then i also heard they had beef wit das efx, that wouldve been a ill battle, and the production is mad ill too, my favorite tracks are From Da Bricks (the bass in this song is bamgin'), Funky Child, Check It Remix, Madd Skillz, Psycho, Chief Rocka (THAT BEAT HAS CLASSIC WITTEN ALL OVER IT), Sleep For Dinner (Remix), and my last favorite track of the album is Lord Jazz Hit Me One Time (Make It Funky) (that beat is mad ill i got those goosebumps when i first heard that beat), spice 1 is one of the illest gangsta mc's out, and he can flow his ass off, i think this is his best album that he ever released, since ive been livin in fla since 2002 thats when i heard about spice 1 and brotha lynch hung, and the production on this album is gangsta as hell, my favorite tracks are I'm The #%!*&% Murderer, Dumpin' Em In Ditches, Smoke' Em Like A Blunt (he did his thing wit the jamaican flow), The Murda Show (ive always liked mc eiht's production (early 90's) and he's mad talented with the piano, and he's another one that has an ill flow), Runnin' Out Da Crackhouse, and my lastTrigga Gots No Heart (that beat is so ill it just screams west coast wit the synthesizers and hauntin piano), and finally brotha lynch hung, this cat can flow and he's very talented as a rapper and a producer, he's mad evil but i like that because its original and he's really like that he ain't like these fake wanna be gangsta rappers, i think if snoop (when he was on his lyrical prime and brotha lynch hung battled that wouldve been ill), this album is dark as hell which i like and people knock the whole horrorcore style, the way i see it is that if u like horror movies and rap then u would like horrorcore, that's just me, the only thing is that the album is too damn short, lately he's been kind of off, he kind of lost that grimyness,my favorite tracks are 24 deep, Lose A Hoe, Gain A Hoe (the way he flipped that hold on sample hold on which is my favorite en vogue song and single), Back Fade (that beat sound like from a cheesy low budget 80's horror movie without the horns) and finally the last song i like alot is Walkin' 2 My Funeral (I like the way he flipped that sample),and what made this album really dope is that the last track he has a converstion with the devil which was crazy nver done before, bottom line i think when it comes to west coast music northern cali realeased the best music but never gets heard or video airplay cause its too gritty, but if u like 24 deep then u would like season of da sicness (i mean u talk about dark, its so dark its like goin inside the nyc sewers at night, he's an atheist, u can tell he had a fucked up life,not to sound preachy,but as long as u have god in your life and have relationship with him then you should be good, one love, keep supportin real hip hop, peace.

8:15 AM  
Blogger Jammin' Jae said...

this is so great!!
you have a great music taste,
and you seem to put a lot of work into this blog, to show the best oldschool hiphop!!
big props!

12:17 PM  
Blogger Crooklyn said...

Thanks for all the good words!!! And Grimiest...keep droppin that knowledge son!

12:46 PM  
Anonymous GO14 said...

Lords of the Underground had a really good first album. "Psycho" understandably but, unfairly branded them Das Efx clones but they had their own style.

Here come the Lords is one the gems of the East Coast Stomp era.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Dread said...

Ah, I remember that Leaders album well. Especially since I produced The End is Near!

7:48 PM  
Anonymous zk said...

crazy. btwn this post and the last one, i've reconnected with 4 albums i'd forgotten about and picked up 3 more i've neevr listened too. much thx

2:35 PM  
Blogger Langston said...

sup, dude. great post. DMG is actually from Minnesota.

12:13 AM  
Blogger KLord Assassin said...

That Brotha Lynch ain't no joke, that ish is the real deal!!

6:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dear friend can u send a link for the leader of the new school album ?
Thanks you blog is so great !!!!

4:34 PM  

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