Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Early 90's (Part 1)

Scarface - Mr Scarface Is Back (1991)This is the album that helped him become the King of the South, a title the man still easily has. Hands down my favorite album from any of the Geto Boys group or solo joints. There are no interludes or shout out trks on here to be found. This is not just mindless "gangsta rap" this is Harcore Hip-hop at its finest!!
Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs - Life of A Kid In The Ghetto (1991)"Be a father to your child", "Bug a Boo", and "I got to have it", which samples Big Daddy Kane's "Aint no half steppin" is a timeless classic, with its unforgettable funky beat & flawless flow. This album is too slept on, and needs to be checked out by mainly people who are a fan of hiphop back when it meant something.
Heavy D & The Boyz - Peaceful Journey (1991)Solid Heavy album the whole way through. Has the classic posse joint "Don't Curse" and one of my favorite tracks ever "Letter To The Future". This is early Pete Rock production at it's greatest.
Yo Yo - Make Way For The Motherload (1992)Ice Cubes female protege YO-YO spit hard like a west coast MC Lyte. You cant play with my Yo Yo with Cube is my favorite jam on the album.

Hard Knocks - School of Hard Knocks (1992)Just hard knocks on your ears. "A dirty cop named harry" is a must have on every rap sampler. I wish there would be more albums like this.
Insane Poetry - Grim Reality (1992) Classic 1992 horrorcore hardcore hip hop. These headz where doin this long before The Gravediggaz came onto the scene.
Point Blank - Prone to Bad Dreams (1992)Point Blank came on the scene hard, This is classic underground southern rap from Texas.


Anonymous go14 said...

Ed OGs "I Got to Have It" and Kane's "Aint no Half Steppin'" isnt the same sample.

Ed OG is "Stop and Go" by Bohannon and Kane is The Emotions.

Ed OG did sample Kane for the hook of "Im Different"

This album was real slept on

8:29 PM  
Blogger Crooklyn said...

damn...nice correction...the sample sound the same

9:07 PM  
Anonymous GO14 said...

That Scarface album is an unabashed classic. The Rap-A-Lot Era between like 89-92 was just ridiculous.

The Geto Boys, Scarface, Willie D, Convicts, OG Style, Too Much Trouble, Ganksta Nip, Big Mello all were sick albums

10:36 PM  
Anonymous tricky said...

yo, loving the site...now i have mp3s to all my classic hip-hop tapes.

one favor, could u re-up Audio Two from one of your earlier posts?

3:04 AM  
Blogger Hot120 said...

Props on the uploads, especially the Scarface!

7:12 AM  
Blogger Perfecta said...

you got the link for the school of hardnkocks...thats a true slept on classic!

4:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this blog is the best!!!

4:30 PM  
Anonymous GO14 said...

The Hard Knocks link comes up as Insane Poetry

4:50 PM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

that hard knocks album is official, i don't care what nobody says scarface is the best in the south because he's been makin records since day one, and he's consistent and he doesn't change for nobody, and that album mr scarface has some ill production for 1991 release, and what i liked about scarface is his storytelling ability with his graphic details, my favorite tracks are mr scarface, born killer(that beat had my head noddin like crazy), and A Minute To Pray And A Second To Die, classic album, and that insane poetry album is dark as hell, ive always liked horrorcore hip hop, like gravediggaz, flatlinerz (their album is fire and they're mad lyrical too), esham (ive always liked the shit he did from the early to mid 90's), and brotha lynch hung (i like his shit from early to late 90's), thanks for puttin this post up, peace.

5:39 PM  
Anonymous nyps said...

Thanks for hooking up some seriously phat and slept-on albums. Just wanted to let you know that we appreciate it!

9:04 AM  

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