Monday, October 23, 2006

Some More Shit Ive Been Bumpin Lately

Group Home - Livin Proof In 1995 no one captured the sound of NY quite like Primo. He loaded this gem with his greatest beats and after all this time for a record like this to still be as revered and copied as it is, stands as a testament to his genius. From the thumping piano chords of "Livin' Proof" to the deep bassline on "Tha Realness", Preem can do no wrong.
Representativz - Angel Of Death "Alright it's time to show these niggaz who's the nicest Lyrics incisive I grip the mic like a vice grip " After spending a majority of their life growing up in Brooklyn, NY, MCs Lidu Rock and Supreme (From The Boot Camp Clik) Came more than correct on this debut Duck Down release.
Showbiz & AG - Runaway Slave I was happy to see the great KRS-One ranked this album #1 on top of his all time greatest hip hop records. Showbiz & A.G. brought a whole new style to the table, using upbeat, funky production layered with many horns and jazz samples without screaming jazz rap at you. The production is some of the best east coast production out there, it's so consistent and beautiful. Like with all the DITC albums, the lyricism is wonderful to listen to, always entertaining and often funny, always on a level you can feel.
Dj Premier - WBLS 107.5 Nov 11th 1994 This shit is just a little taste of DJ Premier live on WBLS 107.5 in the prime of his hip hop career. Tracks by The Roots ,Biggy, OC, Mobb Deep & so many more...go back in hip hop time & peep the master at work!!!!
Guru Presents - Illkids Records A rare collection of gems by Guru and his peoples. It features guests like Jeru, M.O.P, Group Home , and Bahamadia. Big Shug is on 2 tracks {Do what pays ya' & Momentum w/ Guru}. True Master from the wu shows up for a solo and truly brings that raw 95' wu style of beats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Props on the premier 7 guru posts.

7:17 AM  
Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

whats good crooks my dude, again u got good taste in music, keep up the good work
group home, livin proof- this album here is solid,this album here paints a picture of the cold streets of east ny,and this group is consist of malachi the nutcracker,and lil dap,malachi's first appearance was on gangstarr's hard to earn album,and lil dap first appearance was on the daily operation album on the song im the man and also on that same song its jeru's first appearance,to tell you the truth they are not lyrical,and sometimes they get kind of boring and repetitive,even the great primo said the same thing,also i think the beats were wasted on them and shouldve been given to people like nas big l or something. i can tolerate malachi but not lil dap,this is recommended for fans of gangstarr,dj premier,90's hip hop,ny hip hop.don't sleep.

The Representativz,Angels of Death- straight outta brownsville brooklyn, this album is hot, at least theres no r&b type tracks or commercial type tracks, and they're very lyrical, stand out tracks are You've Been Waitin, Spaz Out, Represent Baby, Do Da Math, Tell Me, and Gee's Ride.
Showbiz & A.G.,Runaway Slave- this is what you call a new york hip hop classic album, u can smell the new york streets when u listen to this album, and whats sad is that this album is out of print, recently i went to amazon and they're selling this joint for $54.98 (they're buggin), this album is mad jazzy but at the same time very dark except for tracks 13-16,i heard this album in '04, and i was happy, i wish i had the original for this, their second album goodfellas is official, thats one of my favorite albums of all time, thats a dark album too, a lil bit more darker if not more darker than this album, standout tracks are Still Diggin', Fat Pockets (i like the remix better, but the original sounds more gritty), More Than One Way Out Of The Ghetto (that horn break in the beginning got me), 40 Acres And My Props, Runaway Slave, Hard To Kill, Hold Ya Head (this sample sounds better than on the Chief Rocka (Jazzy Underground Mix) by l.o.t.u.g., this one sounds more funkier and liver, He Say, She Say (when i first heard this song, i thought lord finesse produced this track, but it's one of my favorites, Represent, and Silence Of The lambs, hopefully this album will be back on the market, eventually it will
Guru Presents Ill Kid Records- released in 1995, this is a ill ass compilation but also very rare, and the production is mad dark too, and to me, i think that guru sounded better back in the 90's, this song has two recognizable song which are come clean by jeru (don't know why thye included this track, but its a classic brooklyn hip hop anthem), and wordplay by bahamadia which was in her kollage album),standout tracks to me are illkid intro (that sample is mad ill, bas blasta also uses it on his single dangerous), life, do what pays ya, who's the truest by tru master (yes that tru master from wu tang, this is a very rare performance that he gives and he produced the track, my personal favorite, and that beat is mad ill), hi energy (fabidden i heard is hannibal stax, but idon't know because ive hard of him but never really heard his stuff, produced by tru master, i love that beat, it reminds me of a cold as night in ny for some reason, also my favorite), and So Called Friends by group home, bottom line if u see this album anywhere don't hesitate to cop it especially if ur curious of hearing the extended family of gangstarr, peace.

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dope stuff again man!

9:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


9:41 PM  
Blogger Don Manolo said...

Thanks for sharing!!!!

11:01 AM  
Blogger diesel said...

props for posting the group home album. misplaced my copy of it and can't wait to listen to 'serious rap shit' over and over again! thanks.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Jules.. said...

Would anyone be able to tell me the names of the last 3 songs?? Not including the one at the very end though. This would be greatly appreciated... thanks.

4:40 AM  
Anonymous Jules.. said...

In the DJ Premier 1994' radio mix, by the way.....

4:41 AM  

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