Wednesday, October 18, 2006

DJ Honda

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DJ Honda(Download)
1 Intro
2 DJ Battle
3 What You Expected (with Gang Starr)
4 Kill The Noize (with Problemz)
5 Dat's My Word (with Redman)
6 Straight Talk From NY (with Grand Puba, Sadat X and Wakeem)
7 Intro
8 Out For The Ca$h (with Al' Tariq, The Beatnuts, Fat Joe and Problemz)
9 Interlude (with Common)
10 Biz Freestyle (with Biz Markie)
11 Fuck Dat (with Black Attack)
12 International Anthem (with Tha Alkaholiks)
13 The End (with Al' Tariq)

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1 Roc Raida Intro
2 Trouble In The Water (with De La Soul)
3 5 Seconds (with Black Attack)
4 Hai! (with Sermon, Keith Murray and Redman)
5 Every Now And Then (with Infamous Syndicate)
6 Mista Sinista (interlude) (with Mista Sinista)
7 Team Players (with KRS-One and Doe-V)
8 On The Mic (with Cuban Link and JuJu)
9 For Every Day That Goes By (with The Rawcotiks)
10 WKCR (interlude) (with Stretch Armstrong)
11 Who The Trifest? (with The Beatnuts)
12 Talk About It (with Al' Tariq)
13 Blaze It Up (with Black Attack)
14 DJ Ev (interlude)
15 Go Crazy
16 Around The Clock (with Problemz)
17 When You Hot You Hot (with No.ID and Dug Infinite)
18 Interlude
19 Travellin' Man (with Mos Def)

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1 Intro
2 El Presidente (with Jeru the Damaja)
3 Live At Korea
4 Monsterz (with Saigon)
5 History (with Joosuc, Vasco and Defcon)
6 Hip Hop 101 (with PMD)
7 Act Like Ya Know (with Teflon)
8 Gun Hold (with M.O.P.)
9 Rock Da Crowd (with The Beatnuts, Buttah, Willie Stubs and Marly Gatz)
10 Gangsta (with Nashawn)
11 Aladdin (with DJ Aladdin)
12 Life Shit (with Black Attack)
13 Real To Me (with Triple Seis, Headcrack and Miss Jones)
14 Foundation (with Mos Def)

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Reason Soundtrack(Download)
1. Reason / Warning
2. Mad Drama (Feat. Lex Diamonds, GDX, Twigy)
3. Everlasting (Feat. Ghetto & Blues)
4. Infamous (Feat. Infamous Mobb)
5. Reason Preview
6. Monsterz (Feat. Saigon, Takuro & Hisashi)
7. Reason/ Europe Live
8. Beginning To End (Feat. PMD)
9. Gangsta (Feat. Nashawn)
10. Victory (Feat. Wolfgang Aka K-Solo)
11. Reason/ Korea 2001
12. History (Feat. Joosuc, Vasco, Defconn)
13. Rep Da R.I (Feat. Black Attack)
14. Reason Epilogue


Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

Yo its about time u did a post on dj honda, ive always like him, he's a very talented dj & producer which is rare these days, people be iggin (ignoring)him because he from japan and not america, even if he was just the fact that he's asian people wouldnt even fuck with him, and thats wrong,dj honda's first album
h-yo its the legendary dj honda,he's very talented,he really does his thing on the production,and its sad that people from other countries know more about hip hop than us americans,its because we take it for granted,and we get spoiled from it,thats the problem with this country,but other than that,its a good album worth checking out,there was a couple of songs i couldve done without like guru's what you expected,sorry guru you don't sound as good without primo,and f that,and they have the nerve to put the instrumental for what you expected,and it wasn't that good, but other than that the songs are solid and what makes this album special is that its an east coast album no other regions(thank god).
h2-to me this is his best album he stepped his game up on the production,its more dark now,nothing against the 1st one but this album has better production than the 1st one that's what really makes this album special,this is that real hip hop that you can blast in your car,he's underrated and shouldn't be,i hope he gets the attention he deserves,and what makes this album really special is that its an east coast hip hop compilation.recommeded for fans of real hip hop and underground hip hop,standout tracks are Trouble In The Water with de la soul,5 Seconds with black attack (he's nice), Team Players with krs-one and doe i think its jon doe not sure, Blaze It Up with black attack (my favorite track on the album),Go Crazy with S-On my 2nd favorite,and finally my 3rd favorite Around The Clock with problemz (that beat is hot,it has like a japanese mythical feel to it),recommended.

h3- i like this album too but not as much as his first two albums, my favorite song on the album is gun hold, that beat is bananas ijust has that m.o.p syndrome that just make u wanna wild out.
the reason soundtrack- this is a good album too but again not as good as his first two, but its good that he's still makin albums.
but bottom line dj honda is a very talented dj & producer don't judge a book by its cover, u never know what u can discover, peace.

4:01 PM  
Blogger hav said...

what's good? I want to trade links with your site. hit me up,

be easy fam.

2:24 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

Nice post Crook.. and nice post by qzn too!

4:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo when I double click on the DJh.exe file after I download it wher does it go?

9:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:24 AM  

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