Saturday, March 31, 2007

Crooklyns Favorite Hip Hop Sample

Ive always been a huge fan of the early 90's crate diggers like Buckwild, Showbiz, Evil Dee, The Godfather Don, Mr.Walt, & Hank Shocklee. But i have to say... NOTHING moved me like this Tom Scott sample of his jam "Today"(Download) from Honeysuckle Breeze. Pete Rocks - They Reminise(Download) & Black Sheep's - Similak Child(Download) are 2 of my favorite beats of all time. I first heard this jam back in the late 90's but had no idea who it was till i peeped a Boondocks episode last year that listed the credits. This is what hip hop in the 90's was about...the sampling of GREAT MUSIC. What happened?

Friday, March 30, 2007

O.C. Hidden Gems & Heltah Skeltah Unreleased

O.C. - Hidden Gems {2007} [Download]

1. "Ozone (Original Unreleased Version)"
2. "Snakes"
3. "Word...Life (Remix)"
4. "Stronjay (Original Unreleased Version)"
5. "Crooklyn" featuring Chubb Rock and Jeru the Damaja
6. "You Won't Go Far" featring Organized Konfusion
7. "Day One" feat. DITC
8. "Get Yours (Remix)" featuring Big L and Diamond
9. "King of N.Y."
10. "Bonafied" featring Jay-Z
11. "Wordplay" featring Da Ranjahz
12. "U-N-I"
13. "Half Good, Half Sinner"
14. "Emotions (Remix)" featuring Ja Shawn
15. "The Inventor" [New]
16. "Yes Sir" featuring Sadat X" [New]

Heltah Skeltah Unreleased [Download]

1. Black Fonzerelliz
2. Brothaz Keepa
3. Feel The O's
4. Magnum force feat. Ruste Juxx & The Repz
5. Monkey Wrench feat. Mack 10
6. Thunders Theme feat. Thunder

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Rare & Out Of Print CD's

This is the 1993 Livin’ Large Records release; YZ “The Ghetto’s Been Good To Me”……..A rare East Coast Hip Hop classic with additional production & vocals by; Mark Sparks, Trakmasterz, 8-Off, & Newchild
US $39.99

1990 Arista Records release; Three Times Dope “Live From Acknickulous Land”…….The Classic 2nd album by the Philly Hip Hop group. US $49.99

This is a rare original 1996 Profile Recods release; Poor Righteous Teachers “New World Order”……This was the 4th album by the black conscious East Coast Hip Hop group US $39.99

1996 Contract Records release; Wise Intelligent “Killin’ U For Fun”……..A great lesser known solo album by the frontman for the Hip hop group Poor Righteous Teachers US $39.99

1989 BMG/ Rush Management release; Black Rock & Ron “Stop The World”…….A rare East Coast Black Conscious Hip Hop CD US $65.99

1993 Wild Pitch Records release; Ultramangetic MC’s “The Four Horsemen”…A rare East Coast Hip Hip classic by Kool Keith’s original group……Really abstract unique Hip Hop US $45.00

1990 Skyywalker Records release; Professor Griff And The Last Asiatic Disciples “Pawns In The Game”….This was the solo debut by the former Public Enemy member…….he was even deeper into the black militant style…….He released a few cd’s on Skyywalker Records owned by 2 Live Crew leader Luther Campbell……. US $49.99

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Diggin In My Basement Box (Part 1)

Most D.J.'s will tell you there "diggin in there crates"...but every true hip hop head has a few cardboard boxes in there attic, or basement that are filled with broken CD cases, cassette singles, scratched CD's, & a few mixtapes. I had the day off of work so i decided to go "Diggin In My Basement Box" for some shit i havn't heard in a minute. These are a few joints i came up with.......

Today i don't like to admit it, but back in the late 90's i was a big Harlem World fan. I bought this joint back in 98 strictly for the McGruff tracks on it. "A Train Uptown" freestyle is still my jam even today. The other gem is the Canibus freestle "It's Logic" ...which was a Tony Touch freestlye that was hard to find 10 years ago. There is also a posse cut with A+, Mr. Cheeks, & Canibus that is kinda hot. Over all this is a solid compilation of the Universal MC's.

U-N-I VS. ALL [Download]

1. The Universal Voice (Intro) - Lou Romain
2. Take The Train - Reepz
3. Suave House - Psycho Drama, Mafia, & REX Freestyle
4. In The Middle Of The Night Remix - MJG
5. A Train Uptown (Freestyle) - McGruff
6. Many Know - McGruff
7. Pressure - Crucial Conflict
8. 44 Bar Rain Dance (Freestyle) - Tracey Lee
9. It's Logic (Freestyle) - Canibus
10. Shout Out To The Lost Boyz (Freestyle) - Canibus
11. Second Round K.O. - Canibus
12. What Part Of The Game (Freestyle) - Panama P.I. Freestyle
13. Boyz 2 Men - A+
14. Guess Who's Back Remix - Rakim

This is a classic Mix Cd from DJ.Juice from back in 1999. You wont find this joint ANYWHERE ELSE but right here on Crooklyns Classics.

D.J. Juice (Volume 41) Shit Happens[Download]

1. Thug Poetry (Norega & Brown)JMX
2. Love Like This (Faith Evens)JMX
3. Tear The Roof Off (Busta Rhymes)
4. Half Man Half Amazin (Method Man & Pete Rock)
5. Play The Game (DMX)
6. Blood Type (Tragedy Khadafi)
7. All-Right-Chall (Redman & Method Man)
8. #1 Lady (Miss Jones)
9. Pre-Game (Jay-Z & Sauce Money)
10. The Game (Reakwon, Prodigy, & Ghostface)
11. Some Shit (Canibus, Keith Murray, & Deja)
12. Stand up (Ghostface & Charli Baltimore)
13. Lift Ya Glass (Tragedy Khadafi) Unreleased
14. Freestyle (Beanie Seigal)
15. Mighty Healthy (Ghostface)
16. One Day (Usher)JMX
17. I Can't See (Nicole)JMX
18. Dollar Bill (R.Kelly & Foxy Brown)Remix
19. lobster & Shrimp (Jay-Z & Timberland)
20. Members Only (Black prince & Uneek)
21. Hot Spot (Foxy Brown)
22. Everthing U Do (Eboni Foster)JMX
23. Some Niggaz (Half a Mill)
24. Meaning of Family (Harlem World)
25. No Love For Me (DMX)
26. Da Goodness (Redman)
27. Halfway Thugs(Noreaga) Tragedy Diss
28. Thats The Way (Mase & Foxy)
29. Gangsta Shit(jay-Z & DJ Clue)

I just opened this up today...bought it back in 99 for only 1$ for no other reason but just to have it. I already had both tracks on a mix CD & completly forgot i had this till a few hours ago. This is a 12" off of The Aktapuss Soundtrack.

AKINYELE - Take A Lick 12" single(1999) [Download]

1. Take A Lick
2. Three

Marco Polo - Port Authority

This is the Advance copy of the new Marco Polo joint on Rawkus Records. Usually i don't post "advance copies" cause they have some dude shoutin out the record every 10 seconds...but this is very listenable version. So peep it now if you don't want to wait until May 15th.

Marco Polo - Port Authority [Download]

1.) “Port Authority Intro” f/O.C.
2.) “Get Busy” f/ Copywrite
3.) “Marquee” f/ O.C.
4.) “War” f/Kardinal Offishall
5.) “Nostalgia” f/ Masta Ace
6.) “The Wrong One” f/ Wordsworth
7.) “Low Budget All Stars” f/ Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Cy Young & Kaimbr
8.) “Speak Softly” f/ Jo Jo Pellegrino
9.) “Time And Place” f/ Ed O.G.
10.) “The Radar” f/ Large Professor
11.) “All My Love” f/ Jaysaun
12.) “Lay It Down” f/ Roc Marciano of The U.N.
13.) “Go Around” f/ Buckshot
14.) “Hood Tales” f/ Kool G. Rap & DV Alias Khryst
15.) “Heat” f/ Supastition
16.) “Rollin” f/ Sadat X, AG & Ju Ju of The Beatnuts
17.) “For The Future” f/ Critically Acclaimed
18.) “Relax” f/ J. Davey "Relax" (Bonus Track)

Monday, March 26, 2007

Cormega - 'The Best Of' (CD Compilation)

Coming up with the likes of Mobb Deep, Nas, Capone n Norega, Littles and Tragedy Khadafi means you better have some flow or you best keep your mouth zipped. Not only does ‘Mega have the flow, he’s got the respect. Respect from all the above and his fans worldwide.After last year’s pairing with Lakey the Kid, ‘Mega is back to the front and center. He's working on a set of all new material right now but before that drops he's rolling out his best cuts from his storied career. From the long held up "The Testament" to his break through release "The Realness" this release serves as an overview of one of the most respected & REAL TALK rappers ever to come out of the QB.

Cormega - 'The Best Of' [Download]

1. Dead Man Walking -
2. Love is Love -
3. The Testament -
4. Killaz Theme -
5. Get Out My Way -
6. The Saga (Remix) -
7. They Forced My Hand -
8. R U My Nigga -
9. The True Meaning -
10. Built for This -
11. Therapy -
12. Beautiful Mind -
13. Let It Go -
14. Bring It Back -
15. Dirty Game -
16. Sex, Drugs, Bitches, & Money -

Friday, March 23, 2007

Black Sheep - Love is Love

This might be a few months old but it's new to me....Best Of Black Sheep Official Dres tour CD's produced by Sandbox mixtape legend Bazooka Joe aka Truck Jewls. Rare, unreleased, out of print, and exclusive tracks from original Native Tonger, with features from De La Soul, Show & AG, Twista, Legion and more.

Black Sheep - Love Is Love [Download]

[1] Intro
[2] B Boy Theme
[3] State Of Yo feat Brand New Heavies
[4] First... And Then feat Handsome Boy Modeling School
[5] Strobelite Honey (remix)
[6] On The Wall
[7] Similak Child (remix)
[8] Sleep Record
[9] Try Counting Sheep (OG & remix)
[10] Still In The Ghetto
[11] Bounce To This feat Showbiz & AG
[12] North, South, East, West
[13] Grand Groove
[14] Jingle Jangle feat The Legion
[15] Star Of Something Big
[16] React With A Mic feat Twista
[17] Sweet Sticky Thing
[18] 8WM
[19] EFFECT feat Show & AG
[20] Freak Y'all feat Chi-Ali
[21] Gitit prod K1
[22] Whodat ?
[23] Damn Right
[24] Red Light, Green Light
[25] Gotta Get Up
[26] Fanatic Of The B Word feat De La Soul
[27] The Choice Is Yours (Bazooka's Original Revisit)

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Buckwild - Diggin' In The Crates Vol.1 & 2 :

Buckwild's resume as a producer is one of the finest in hip hop. He produced more than a few album cuts over the years for everyone from Biggie Smalls to The Game to Big Pun, and this double-disc compilation features 39 rare remixes and 12-inch only cuts from legendary artists like Organized Konfusion, Show & AG, Lord Finesse, Nas, Grand Puba, Beastie Boys, Tha Alkaholiks, Big L, Black Sheep; as well as forgotten artists like Ak Skills, Mike Zoot, Channel Live, Jemini the Gifted One, Street Smartz, and more...

"Diggin' In The Crates: Rare Studio Masters (1993 - 1997)"

Disc 1:[Download]
1 Funkdoobiest - Rock On Remix
2 Jemini The Gifted One - Scars and Pain
3 Ill Biskits - A Better Day (Unreleased)
4 Beastie Boys - Get It Together Remix w/ Q-Tip
5 Alkaholiks - Damn Remix
6 Nas - Life's A Bitch Remix 1
7 Kool Keith - Yo Black
8 O.C. - Love Child (Unreleased)
9 Channel Live - Mad Izm Remix (Original Buckwild Remix)
10 Grand Puba - I Like It Remix w/ Sadat X
11 Bushwackas - Caught Up In The Game
12 Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond Remix
13 Artifacts - C'Mon Wit The Get Down Remix w/ Busta Rhymes
14 Diamond - You Can't Front w/ Lord Finesse and Sadat X
15 Organized Konfusion - Bring It On Remix
16 Sadat X - The Lump Lump (Brand Nubian Mix)
17 Big L - MVP Remix 1 (Unreleased)
18 Rakim - Guess Who's Back Remix
19 Chubb Rock - Yeah (Unreleased)

Disk 2[Download]
1 Lace Da Booms - Cut That Weak Shit Remix
2 Jemini The Gifted One - Story Of My Life
3 Show and AG - You Know Now Remix
4 Channel Live - Mad Izm (Buckwild 95 Remix)
5 Special Ed - Lyrics (Remix)
6 O.C. - Burn Me Slow
7 Mystidious Misfits - I Be (Remix)
8 Black Sheep - North South East West (Remix) (Unreleased)
9 Nas - Life's A Bitch Remix 2
10 Lord Finesse - Hip To The Game (Remix)
11 Guru / Bahamadia - Respect The Architect (Remix)
12 Little Indian - One Little Indian (Remix)
13 Street Smartz - Problemz
14 Fatal Fountain - All About Warz
15 AK Skills - Nights Of Fear
16 Reservoir Dogs - Back To Berth
17 Brand Nubian - Rockin It
18 Big L - MVP Remix 2 (Unreleased)
19 Reservoir Dogs - The Difference

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Crooklyns Classic 1993 Mix (Part 2)

These are just a few jams that bring back the essence of 1993 for sure to peep the "Back To 1992 Volume 2"... over at Cold Rock Da Spot! for more nostalgic hip hop.

Crooklyns Classic 1993 Mix (Part 2) [Download]

1. Trends Of Culture/Lord Finesse - Off & On (Remix)
2. Da Youngstas /Treach - Crews Pop
3. Illegal - Back In The Day
4. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth - Whats Next On The Menu?
5. Biggy Smalls - Party & Bullshit
6. Souls Of Mischief - Thats When You Lost
7. Poor Righteous Teachers - Here We Go
8. YZ - (So Far) The Ghetto's Been Good To Me
9. Da King & I - Krack Da Weazel
10. Black Moon - Buck'Em Down (Remix)
11. Illegal/Lord Finesse/A.G. - On Da Mic
12. Boogie Down Productions - Black Cop
13. Big Daddy Kane - How You Get A Record Deal?
14. Masta Ace - Jeep Ass Nigga
15. Broken English - Harcore Beats
16. Akinylee - No Exit
17. Eric Sermon - Stay Real
18. Lords Of The Underground - Here Come The Lords
19. Hoodratz - Bootlegga

If you missed it...Click here for Part 1

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

RumpleTILskinz - " What is a rumpletilskin? " (1993)

Never heard of these guys? You may recognize them as 4 of the 13 MC's on the L.O.N.S posse-cut, "Spontaneous." This crew bares a striking, but grittier resembalance to the Leaders of the New School.

It's one of those NY albums that showed up and then dissapeared...and nobody seemed to notice. However, the album is classic. Overall the sound is pure gritty, early 90's NY, so any fan of that will appreciate this.

Rumpletilskinz - " What is a rumpletilskin? " (1993)

1. What Is a Rumpletilskin?
2. Attitudes
3. Hudz
4. Mad M.F.'s
5. I-N-I
6. Sweet Therapy
7. Snikslitelpmur
8. Earthquake
9. Mushroom Talk
10. Is It Alright?
11. Theramixx
12. Dacumin
13. Hi Volume

Monday, March 19, 2007


Brooklyn NY's Afu Ra hits you with an impeccable variety of music, which is hard to turn down. Not many people recognize the true talent of this cat.... he deserves just as much recognition in the rap game as any other rapper. ," Afu-Ra has fused classic East Coast hardcore with the sensitive, intelligent wordplay expected from a committed Rastafarian. He started out much like any other young New York rapper, though his rhymes impressed Jeru the Damaja enough to include him on his debut album "The Sun Rises In The East".

Body of the Life Force

Life Force Radio

Perverted Monks

State of the Arts

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hip Hop Soundtracks (Part 3)

Back in the day we bought soundtracks from movies we loved (such as Friday) that were unto their own mostly generic in content and had little to nothing to do with the film. Based on the platinum success of these soundtracks, greedy record executives figured that hip-hop soundtracks were the newest way to cash in on an unsuspecting public.
This is not to say all hip-hop soundtracks are bullshit, nor that all hip-hop soundtracks have songs which are totally unrelated to the actual film. In some cases, movies like New Jack City, Menace II Society, and Juice featured class A soundtracks with quality new songs by highly regarded hip-hop artists in films where the songs were actually used in a manner and way that made sense. Back in The Day soundtracks were more like marketing tools to get no-name artists recognized and for established artists to throwaway their lesser material. Even when you have quality songs on a soundtrack like "How to Be a Player" by EPMD or Eightball and MJG, you have generic garbage by MC's like Suga Free .All in all, The Soundtrack was a huge part of Hip Hop in the 90's.

New Jack City (1991)[Download]

1. New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme) - Ice-T
2. I'm Dreamin' - Christopher Williams
3. New Jack City - Guy
4. I'm Still Waiting - Johnny Gill
5. Tellin' Me No Again (There You Go) - Keith Sweat
6. Facts Of Life - Danny Madden
7. For The Love Of Money/Living For The City - Troop/Levert/Queen Latifah
8. I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
9. Lyrics 2 The Rhythm - Essence
10. Get It Together (Black Is A Force) - F.S. Effect
11. In The Dust - The 2 Live Crew

Sunset Park (1996)[Download]

1. High Til I Die - 2 Pac
2. Motherless Child - Ghostface Killer
3. Just Doggin' - Tha Dogg Pound
4. Back At You - Mobb Deep
5. Are You Ready - Aaliyah
6. It's Alright - Groove Theory
7. Elements I'm Among - Queen Latifah
8. Keep On, Keepin' On - McLyte Featuring Xscape
9. Hoop In Yo Face - 69 Boyz Featuring Quad City DJ's
10. For The Funk - Adina Howard
11. We Don't Need It - Junior M.A.F.I.A.
12. All Uv It - Big Mike
13. Thangz Changed - Onyx
14. Shorty's Game - Miles Goodman

Don't Be A Menace (1995)[Download]

1. Winter Warz - Cappadonna
2. Renee - Lost Boyz
3. Funky Sounds - Lil Bud & Tizone
4. Give It Up - Jodeci
5. Can't Be Wasting My Time (One Dread One Ball Head Version) - Mona Lisa
6. Time To Shine - Lil Kim
7. Maintain - Erick Sermon
8. We Got More - Shock G
9. Let's Lay Together - The Isley Brothers
10. All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) - Joe
11. Tempo Slow - R. Kelly
12. Live Wires Connect - UGK
13. Up North Trip - Mobb Deep
14. Freak It Out! - Doug E. Fresh
15. Suga Daddy - Suga-T
16. It's Time - Blue Raspberry
17. Don't Give Up - The Island Inspirational All-Stars

Juice(1992)[Download] Password: scalp66

1. Uptown Anthem - Naughty By Nature
2. Juice (Know The Ledge) - Eric B. & Rakim
3. Is It Good To You - Teddy Riley/Tammy Lucas
4. Sex, Money And Murder - M.C. Pooh
5. Nuff' Respect - Big Daddy Kane
6. So You Want To Be A Gangster - Too Short
7. It's Going Down - EPMD
8. Don't Be Afraid - Aaron Hall
9. He's Gamin' On Ya' - Salt 'N Pepa
10. Shoot 'Em Up - Cypress Hill Crew
11. Flipside - Juvenile Committee
12. What Could Be Better Bitch - Son Of Bazerk
13. Does Your Man Know About Me - Rahiem
14. People Get Ready (remix) - The Brand New Heavies/N'Dea Davenport

How to Be a Player (1997)[Download]

1. Intro - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie
2. Big Bad Mama - Foxy Brown
3. Hard To Get (Revisited) - Rick James & Richie Rich
4. I Gotta Know - Playa
5. Young Cassanovas - Junior M.A.F.I.A.
6. Down Wit Us - Redman
7. The Usual Suspects - Mic Geronimo
8. How To Be A Playa - Master P
9. It's A Cold Day (The Funk Wit U Mix) - Too Short
10. Interlude - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie
11. Street 2 Street - Jayo Felony
12. In The Wind - Eightball & MJG
13. Never Seen Before - EPMD
14. Never Wanna Let You Go - Absolute
15. When The Playas Live - Crucial Conflict
16. Troublesome - 2 Pac
17. Say What - Dymon Listen Listen
18. If U Stay Ready (Remix) - Suga Free
19. Don't Ever - Black Azz Chill
20. Outro - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie

Monday, March 12, 2007


Long Island has raised a couple of rap legends up through the years. Rakim and the whole Public Enemy are originally from that area. "What more can I Say, I wouldnt be here today if the old school didnt pave the way". Damn Straight...And for me EPMD is one of the top 3 old school hip hop groups of all time! Classic. Hard from start to finish. No nonsense from the brothers from Brentwood, Long Island. This is pure, un-cut rap music. Rugged and raw. Though Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith were far from lyrically gifted, the lyrics were always on-point, no matter what they rapped about.

Strictly Business (1988)

Unfinished Business(1989)

Image Hosted by
Business as Usual(1990)

Business Never Personal (1992)

Back in Business (1997)

Out of Business (1999)

Image Hosted by
Handle Your Business(Mixtape) (2007)

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Crooklyns Classic Beatnuts Production Mix

BEATNUTS 4EVA DIE HARD MUTHA FUCKA!!! The Beatnuts originally came together in 1989 in Queens, New York. 3 members, Psycho Les(Lester Fernandez), Ju-Ju(Jerry Tineo), and Fashion(Berntony Smalls). In the early 1990's the trio did remixes for Cypress Hill, and Naughty By Nature among many others. Thier original goal was to just make beats, but they realized they could make better albums than half the rappers out there. This is a mix of a few of there "production only" joints. Stay tuned for a best of Beatnuts mix in the future.....

Crooklyns Classic Beatnuts Production Mix [Download]

1. Mos Def - Boogiedown
2. Chi Ali - Step Up
3. Pete Nice - Outta My Way
4. Common - Breaker 1/9
5. Mad Skillz - The Nod Factor
6. Chi Ali - Road Runner
7. Down South - Around The Clock
8. Pete Nice - Rat Bastard
9. Big Pun - Beware
10. Canibus - Liquid Life
11. Common - Heidi Hoe
12. Dialated Peoples - Self Defence
13. Fat Joe - Misery Needs Company
14. Ghostface Killah - One
15. Most Def - New World Water
16. Suprême NTM - Qui Paiera Les Dégats ?
17. Down South - Lost In Brooklyn
18. Dres(Black Sheep) & Chi Ali - Let The Horns Blow
19. Q-Unique - Diamond in the Ruff

Friday, March 09, 2007

R.I.P Notorious B.I.G.

"That shit was the worse rhyme I ever heard in my life
Cuz the greatest rapper of all time died on March 9th
God bless his soul, rest in peace kid
It's because of him at least I know what beef is" ....Canibus

"Damn! Niggaz wanna stick my for my cream
And it ain't a dream, things ain't always what it seem
It's the ones that smoke blunts witcha, see your picture
Now they wanna grab the guns and come and getcha
Betcha Biggie won't slip
I got the calico with the black talons loaded in the clip
So I can rip through the ligaments
Put the fuckers in a bad prediciment
where all the foul niggaz went"

Notorious B.I.G. - Ready To Die [Download]

1. Intro
2. Things Done Changed
3. Gimme The Loot
4. Machine Gun Funk
5. Warning
6. Ready To Die
7. One More Chance
8. #!*@ Me (Interlude)
9. The What
10. Juicy
11. Everyday Struggle
12. Me & My Bitch
13. Big Poppa
14. Respect
15. Friend Of Mine
16. Unbelieveable
17. Suicidal Thoughts

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Hip Hop Soundtracks (Part 2)

CB4 (1993) Password: hanz

1. The 13th Message/Livin' In A Zoo - Public Enemy
2. Black Cop - Boogie Down Productions
3. May Day On The Front Line - MC Ren
4. Stick 'Em Up - Hurricane
5. Sneaking Up On Ya - Fu-Schnickens
6. Lifeline - Parental Advisory
7. The Nocturnal Is In The House - P.M. Dawn
8. Baby Be Mine - Blackstreet Featuring Teddy Riley
9. It's Alright - Tracie Spencer
10. Sweat Of My Balls - CB4
11. Straight Out Of Locash - CB4
12. Rapper's Delight - CB4

House Party 2 (1991)

1. Announcement Of Pajama Jammi Jam - House Party II ST
2. House Party (I Don't Know What You Came To Do) - Tony! Toni! Tone!
3. The Christopher Robinson Scholarship Fund - Kid 'N Play
4. Ready Or Not (House Party II New Jack Theme) - Wrecks 'N' Effects
5. Kid 'N' Play Wreck Shop! - Kid 'N' Play
6. Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody (House Party II Theme) - Kid 'N Play
7. I Like Your Style (House Party II Swing Theme - Bubba
8. Kid And Sydney Break Up - Kid And Sydney
9. Candlelight & You (House Party II Love Theme) - Keith Washington/Chante' Moore
10. I Lust 4 U (House Party II Passion Theme) - London Jones
11. Bilal Gets Off - Bilal
12. Let Me Know Something (House Party II Mental Theme) - Bell Biv Devoe
13. Yo, Baby, Yo (House Party II Harris U Theme) - Ralph Tresvant
14. The F.F.F Rap - House Party II ST
15. What's On Your Mind (House Party II Rap Theme) - Eric B./Rakim
16. Big Ol' Jazz (House Party II Memorial) - M.C. Trouble
17. You Gotta Pay What You Owe - Kid 'N' Play
18. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (House Party II Film Theme) - The Flex
19. Confidence - Marcus Garvey
20. It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday (Acapella Reprise) - The Flex
21. Kid's Goodbye 'Thanks To Pops' - Kid

New Jersey Drive, Vol. 1 (1995)

2. WHERE AM I? - Redman
6. CAN'T YOU SEE - Total
7. BURN RUBBER - Lords Of The Underground
9. LOVE SLAVE - Undacova
10. BENZ OR BEAMER - Outkast
11. CHECK IT OUT - Heavy D
12. JERSEY - Queen Latifah
13. EAST LEFT - Keith Murray
15. THRU THE WINDOW - Coolio
16. BEFORE I LET GO - Maze
17. ONE AND ONLY - Smooth

New Jersey Drive Vol.2 (1995)

1. Funky Piano - E. Bros
2. Headz Ain't Ready - Black Moon And Smif 'N' Wessun
3. Connections - Naughty By Nature
4. Nobody Beats The Biz - Biz Markie
5. Invasion - Jeru The Damaja
6. Own Destiny - Mad Lion
7. You Won't Go Far - O.C. And Organized Konfusion
8. Flip Squad's In Da House - Flip Squad Allstars Featuring Funkmaster Flex

Above the Rim (1994)

1. Anything - SWV
2. Old Time's Sake - Sweet Sable
3. Part Time Lover - H-Town
4. Big Pimpin' - The Dogg Pound Gangstas
5. Don't Mean To Turn You On - 2nd II None
6. Doggie Style - DJ Rogers
7. Regulate - Nate Dogg/Warren G.
8. Pour Out A Little Liquor - Thug Life
9. Gonna Give It To Ya - Jewell/Aaron Hall
10. Afro Puffs - The Lady Of Rage
11. Jus So Ya No - CPO-Boss Hog
12. Hoochies Need Love Too - Paradise
13. I'm Still In Love With You - Al B. Sure!
14. Crack 'Em - O.F.T.B.
15. U Bring Da Dog Out - Rhythm & Knowledge
16. Blowed Away - B Rezell
17. It's Not Deep Enough - Jewell
18. Dogg Pound 4 Life - The Dogg Pound Gangstas

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Terminator X & Valley of Jeep Beets

Im on short time today...been mad busy at work so im just gonna drop a quicky. This album is off the chain. Public Enemy's D.J. Teminator X's first full length drop. A lot of people could learn from the production on this joint. Came out in 1991 but it still holds up well even in 2007.

Terminator X & The Valley of Jeep Beets [Download]

1. Vendetta The Big Getback
2. Buck Wylin' - (with Sister Souljah/Chuck D)
3. Homey Don't Play Dat - (with Bonnie N Clyde)
4. Juvenile Delinquintz - (with Juvenlie Delinquintz)
5. Blues, The - (with Andreas 13)
6. Back To The Scene Of The Bass - (with Interrogators)
7. Can't Take My Style
8. Wanna Be Dancin' - (with Celo Of The Casino Bros.)
9. DJ Is The Selector - (with Dubmaster)
10. Run That Go Power Thang - (with Spacey B Experience)
11. No Further - (with Section 8)
12. High Priest Of Turbulence
13. Ain't Got Nuttin' - (with The Chief Groovy Loo
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