Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Marco Polo - Port Authority

This is the Advance copy of the new Marco Polo joint on Rawkus Records. Usually i don't post "advance copies" cause they have some dude shoutin out the record every 10 seconds...but this is very listenable version. So peep it now if you don't want to wait until May 15th.

Marco Polo - Port Authority [Download]

1.) “Port Authority Intro” f/O.C.
2.) “Get Busy” f/ Copywrite
3.) “Marquee” f/ O.C.
4.) “War” f/Kardinal Offishall
5.) “Nostalgia” f/ Masta Ace
6.) “The Wrong One” f/ Wordsworth
7.) “Low Budget All Stars” f/ Kev Brown, Kenn Starr, Oddisee, Cy Young & Kaimbr
8.) “Speak Softly” f/ Jo Jo Pellegrino
9.) “Time And Place” f/ Ed O.G.
10.) “The Radar” f/ Large Professor
11.) “All My Love” f/ Jaysaun
12.) “Lay It Down” f/ Roc Marciano of The U.N.
13.) “Go Around” f/ Buckshot
14.) “Hood Tales” f/ Kool G. Rap & DV Alias Khryst
15.) “Heat” f/ Supastition
16.) “Rollin” f/ Sadat X, AG & Ju Ju of The Beatnuts
17.) “For The Future” f/ Critically Acclaimed
18.) “Relax” f/ J. Davey "Relax" (Bonus Track)


Blogger Sayco said...

Dope post !

LArge Pro Really drops a nice flow over a dope beat the scratch at the end by revolution is fucking amazing.

KEEP it up


Can any body help me with the track that's played in the you tube marco polo video sounds Chill

Show and AG Post To Dope realy need to get that cd


6:04 PM  
Blogger Sayco said...

Shiiiiit i was checking to different blogs at the same time.

The show & AG post was on hiphopbootleggers.com Hahahahah

and in the track in the beginning of the video is masta ace i heard while i checked it again . SHiiiiiiiiit Stoned Supersilver Haze Green House AMSTERDAM

But i already got the marco polo cd some where else an there was said that the last scratch was done by revolution can any one confirm that.


6:15 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

This shit is ill! They even got everybody on there, even Kardinal!


3:11 AM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

^Minus the "even" ... lol

3:11 AM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

Sorry to fill up your comments.. but I just found out dude is from Toronto... AND he produced that "Oh Yeah" Boot Camp joint too! Aww shit!

3:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

uhhh... HOLY SHIT! this is NICE! im coppin this when it drops

12:54 AM  
Blogger ODDISEE said...


2:01 PM  
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