Thursday, March 15, 2007

Hip Hop Soundtracks (Part 3)

Back in the day we bought soundtracks from movies we loved (such as Friday) that were unto their own mostly generic in content and had little to nothing to do with the film. Based on the platinum success of these soundtracks, greedy record executives figured that hip-hop soundtracks were the newest way to cash in on an unsuspecting public.
This is not to say all hip-hop soundtracks are bullshit, nor that all hip-hop soundtracks have songs which are totally unrelated to the actual film. In some cases, movies like New Jack City, Menace II Society, and Juice featured class A soundtracks with quality new songs by highly regarded hip-hop artists in films where the songs were actually used in a manner and way that made sense. Back in The Day soundtracks were more like marketing tools to get no-name artists recognized and for established artists to throwaway their lesser material. Even when you have quality songs on a soundtrack like "How to Be a Player" by EPMD or Eightball and MJG, you have generic garbage by MC's like Suga Free .All in all, The Soundtrack was a huge part of Hip Hop in the 90's.

New Jack City (1991)[Download]

1. New Jack Hustler (Nino's Theme) - Ice-T
2. I'm Dreamin' - Christopher Williams
3. New Jack City - Guy
4. I'm Still Waiting - Johnny Gill
5. Tellin' Me No Again (There You Go) - Keith Sweat
6. Facts Of Life - Danny Madden
7. For The Love Of Money/Living For The City - Troop/Levert/Queen Latifah
8. I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
9. Lyrics 2 The Rhythm - Essence
10. Get It Together (Black Is A Force) - F.S. Effect
11. In The Dust - The 2 Live Crew

Sunset Park (1996)[Download]

1. High Til I Die - 2 Pac
2. Motherless Child - Ghostface Killer
3. Just Doggin' - Tha Dogg Pound
4. Back At You - Mobb Deep
5. Are You Ready - Aaliyah
6. It's Alright - Groove Theory
7. Elements I'm Among - Queen Latifah
8. Keep On, Keepin' On - McLyte Featuring Xscape
9. Hoop In Yo Face - 69 Boyz Featuring Quad City DJ's
10. For The Funk - Adina Howard
11. We Don't Need It - Junior M.A.F.I.A.
12. All Uv It - Big Mike
13. Thangz Changed - Onyx
14. Shorty's Game - Miles Goodman

Don't Be A Menace (1995)[Download]

1. Winter Warz - Cappadonna
2. Renee - Lost Boyz
3. Funky Sounds - Lil Bud & Tizone
4. Give It Up - Jodeci
5. Can't Be Wasting My Time (One Dread One Ball Head Version) - Mona Lisa
6. Time To Shine - Lil Kim
7. Maintain - Erick Sermon
8. We Got More - Shock G
9. Let's Lay Together - The Isley Brothers
10. All The Things (Your Man Won't Do) - Joe
11. Tempo Slow - R. Kelly
12. Live Wires Connect - UGK
13. Up North Trip - Mobb Deep
14. Freak It Out! - Doug E. Fresh
15. Suga Daddy - Suga-T
16. It's Time - Blue Raspberry
17. Don't Give Up - The Island Inspirational All-Stars

Juice(1992)[Download] Password: scalp66

1. Uptown Anthem - Naughty By Nature
2. Juice (Know The Ledge) - Eric B. & Rakim
3. Is It Good To You - Teddy Riley/Tammy Lucas
4. Sex, Money And Murder - M.C. Pooh
5. Nuff' Respect - Big Daddy Kane
6. So You Want To Be A Gangster - Too Short
7. It's Going Down - EPMD
8. Don't Be Afraid - Aaron Hall
9. He's Gamin' On Ya' - Salt 'N Pepa
10. Shoot 'Em Up - Cypress Hill Crew
11. Flipside - Juvenile Committee
12. What Could Be Better Bitch - Son Of Bazerk
13. Does Your Man Know About Me - Rahiem
14. People Get Ready (remix) - The Brand New Heavies/N'Dea Davenport

How to Be a Player (1997)[Download]

1. Intro - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie
2. Big Bad Mama - Foxy Brown
3. Hard To Get (Revisited) - Rick James & Richie Rich
4. I Gotta Know - Playa
5. Young Cassanovas - Junior M.A.F.I.A.
6. Down Wit Us - Redman
7. The Usual Suspects - Mic Geronimo
8. How To Be A Playa - Master P
9. It's A Cold Day (The Funk Wit U Mix) - Too Short
10. Interlude - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie
11. Street 2 Street - Jayo Felony
12. In The Wind - Eightball & MJG
13. Never Seen Before - EPMD
14. Never Wanna Let You Go - Absolute
15. When The Playas Live - Crucial Conflict
16. Troublesome - 2 Pac
17. Say What - Dymon Listen Listen
18. If U Stay Ready (Remix) - Suga Free
19. Don't Ever - Black Azz Chill
20. Outro - Max Julien a/k/a Goldie


Anonymous Max said...

I'll say it again; these posts are the shit. Great work, Crooklyn. I'll link you up on my site ASAP.

12:04 AM  
Anonymous Chris said...

man thanks immediate action to my request, dope soundtracks, looks like you've got them all...

3:03 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

no, just saw that the hiphop hood ost is hosted at megaupload and unfortunately they don't have any dl slots available from where i'm from, couldn't you please reup it to sendspace or rapidshare or elsewhere, would be dope?

3:10 PM  
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Anonymous Train said...

Aww, man, how are you gonna diss Suga Free?

Good stuff otherwise.

9:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man Suga Free is ill.

4:06 PM  
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