Friday, March 30, 2007

O.C. Hidden Gems & Heltah Skeltah Unreleased

O.C. - Hidden Gems {2007} [Download]

1. "Ozone (Original Unreleased Version)"
2. "Snakes"
3. "Word...Life (Remix)"
4. "Stronjay (Original Unreleased Version)"
5. "Crooklyn" featuring Chubb Rock and Jeru the Damaja
6. "You Won't Go Far" featring Organized Konfusion
7. "Day One" feat. DITC
8. "Get Yours (Remix)" featuring Big L and Diamond
9. "King of N.Y."
10. "Bonafied" featring Jay-Z
11. "Wordplay" featring Da Ranjahz
12. "U-N-I"
13. "Half Good, Half Sinner"
14. "Emotions (Remix)" featuring Ja Shawn
15. "The Inventor" [New]
16. "Yes Sir" featuring Sadat X" [New]

Heltah Skeltah Unreleased [Download]

1. Black Fonzerelliz
2. Brothaz Keepa
3. Feel The O's
4. Magnum force feat. Ruste Juxx & The Repz
5. Monkey Wrench feat. Mack 10
6. Thunders Theme feat. Thunder


Blogger Eyez said...

sleepin...seriously on this post..

aint no such thing as halfway crooks.

keep it up..

9:25 PM  

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