Monday, November 27, 2006

Classic West Coast 1993

These are two of the most slept on West Coast albums of the early 90's....

"I'M THA MAN WHO'LL BUST DAT ASS, I'M THE MAN WHO'LL BUST DAT ASS...SAAAYYYY WHAAAAAT!?!?!?". Gangsta classic shit. If you are a fan of the n.w.a.;ice cube,eazy e,dr dre,ren,and yes the d.o.c.,you'll straight love this album because he's the reason the west coast had to step up their techniques in mixin and rhymin in my opinion. king tee is one artist that straight up created a masterpiece because this whole album is simply perfect.
King Tee - Tha Triflin' Album
1. Drunk Tekneek
2. I Gotta Call Earl
3. Got It Bad Y'All - King Tee featuring The Alkaholiks
4. On Tha Rox
5. Just Flauntin'
6. At Your Own Risk (Budha Mix)
7. King Tee's Beer Stand
8. We Got Tha Fat Joint - King Tee featuring Nefretitti And Mad Kap
9. Where'sa Hoe Sat
10. A Hoe B-4 Tha Homie - King Tee featuring Deadly Threat And Ice Cube
11. Blow My Sox Off
12. Where'sa Hoe Sat (Cont.)
13. Triflin' Nigga
14. Black Togetha Again
15. Bus Dat Ass - King Tee featuring The Alkaholiks
16. Tha Great

Threat earned his start on the track "Color Blind," dropping one of the more memorable verses off of Ice Cube's 1991 Death Certificate album. He followed up with his debut solo album, Sickinnahead, If you want to get a real feel on how L.A. was in the Early to mid 90's, this is it......Strictly from a rollin' 40's point of view. It covers everything from runnin' game on women, to how to get away from one-time, when there on your ass. The beats are funked out, sometimes repetitive sounding, but lyrically untouchable.
Threat - Sickinnahead
1. PDK
2. Sucka Free
3. Niggas Like You
4. 4 Deep
5. Let the Dogs Loose
6. When It Rains
7. Get Ghost
8. 24-7
9. Shuta Fuck Up
10. Ass Out
11. La Zuu
12. The Whore Said It's Yours
13. Give It Up
14. Shote (Threw Wit Money)
15. Bust One fa Me
16. So Now You Know


Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone else having problems with rapidshare links? haven't been able to use one for about a week now... always been fine up until that point though.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What, is this a Dj Pooh post?

Nowhere to hide by DJ Pooh and Threat was the shiiiiieeeet.

10:51 AM  
Blogger travis said...

Both are personal favorites of mine for sure. King Tee will always be my favorite west coast MC

11:47 AM  
Blogger alley al said...

good post crook!

i remember i'd been ridin' with king tee for a minute,
but east coast just didn't give NO ONE from out west radio love,
so when i saw atcq come out to the "at your own risk" beat one time,
and the crowd went wild, i thought everyone else
was wildin' with me for the same reason.
but i was wrong. most of those kids didn't know a king who!!!

now, this threat guy, i just couldn't get into him back then.
i listened to it again recently, and it's decent,
but ennnnhhh..

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you happen to have
King Tee Act a Fool

6:36 PM  
Anonymous GO14 said...

2 classic albums. Period.

10:42 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

gO AHEAD AND PUT UP SOME WEST SIDE SHIT.......that was my coast back in the day all my cd's got jacked and so i had to start back over good lookin.

8:40 AM  
Anonymous turtle said...

Thanks for the King Tee. I think he was the link between the west coast gangstas (Ice Cube, etc.) and west coast straight up hip hop (Pharcyde, etc.). This was the album where he really hit his stride.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Dobie G said...

OMG...ya'll busted out Corey (Threat) who was my nextdoor neighbor in Inglewood when that broke. Between him and Pooh who lived a block away, that hood (Watergate) had some of the West Coast on lock. Ya'll should have heard some of the freestyle session he did at our tilt. Big ups for giving up love to a slept on west coast lyricist!!! Peace...DOBIE G!

12:42 AM  
Blogger Skylar said...

Damn Dobie knows threat? Word. Upload that session kid.... Production was funky, Threat was so ill. I heard him on Maylay's joint and J-Ro from the liks I think, he voice has changed alot in 13 years obviously. Loved Threat since I heard "Lettin' niggas know" which was pretty much the banger from Friday's soundtrack ( I liked it more than the Dre or Cube)

1:39 AM  
Anonymous Dobie G said...

He got caught up with that isht though. Also Cube was trippin' on him. Threat is an independent cat and though he had lyrics, he didn't have clout yet wanted to do things HIS way. That's why he never blew up. I haven't seen my boy in about 8-9 years at least. I moved from Inglewood and he stayed and we moved on but I have a partner who's still close with him. He's trying to get it going but IMO it's too late.

9:22 PM  
Anonymous Skylar said...

Damn, is there anybody out there who Cube hasn't done backstabbed?

You're probably right about Threat, dudes from that era who never caught on don't much chance of making it nowadays.

5:04 AM  
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