Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crooklyns Fix In The 06 (Part 1)

2006 was a year of overantisipated & disappointing mainstream releases (Busta, Method Man, DMX, ect.) Thats why sometimes you have to dig deep into the underground to get your Hip Hop fix. Here are a few of the hidden gems i uncovered that kept my head ringing through the 06.....

Pack FM - Whutduzfmstand4? Won's 2006 People's Choice Award for 2006 Album of the Year, and rightfully so. WhutduzFMstand4? shows PackFM as an MC capable of capturing both the audience's attention and imagination. Overall, the mix of pensive and cocky rhymes mesh well with the stirring beats, making this debut an intriguing riddle. Hip-Hop fans may not discover what "FM" stands for, but at least they will know what the man behind the name represents. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
A.G. - Get Dirty Radio This cat brought it back raw this time. After the tragically wask albu the Dirty Version from '99, I knew there would be people doubting this cat, but he proved me wrong. Another classic from the D.I.T.C. click. If you never heard of 'em, you're missing out on a important piece of hip hop history.
Main Flow & 7L - Flow Season The highly anticipated full-length collaboration from Cincinatti/San Diego rhyme vet MAIN FLOW (MOOD) and Boston beatsmith 7L (7L & ESOTERIC, ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS, DEMIGODZ). Flow Season features something for everyone from the gun toting/name dropping of "No Gangsta" to the upbeat Beatnut-esqe "She Like The Way I Talk" to the verbal gymnastics displayed by Main Flow and Esoteric on "Top Scholars" to the hardcore underground thump of "The Show". With Main Flow constantly touring the globe and collaborating with everyone from DJ Lethal, Talib Kweli, Scott Storch to Planet Asia & Killah Priest.
KRS-One - Life When you think of the complete MC, KRS immediately comes to mind. When you cop a KRS album you already know what to expect. And that is knowledge reigns supreme, and out of this world rhymes. I admit most of the hooks is pretty simple, but KRS is not about that. Most of these tracks is not the type you bang out in your whip. You gotta sit down and listen to what he's sayin'. He still has that vicious flow and can make the worst beat sound good.
Skyzoo & 9th Wonder - Cloud 9: The 3 Day High Skyzoo is a Brooklyn cat I had been following for a minute. I knew this kid possessed some mad skills. It definitely helps that 9th Wonder entirely produces this effort; his production is correct on each track. Although Skyzoo's flow is rough, and rugged, and 9th's producer is soulful, the two go together like peanut butter & jelly on this release. Sky sounds entirely at home over 9th's beat, and impresses with his street narratives.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Suggestion Box

Crooklyns Classics is looking for a new look & i need your suggestions. A new template? More underground? More new releases? More or less mixtapes? Hit me up & let me know what the people want. Also would like to thank everyone for peepin this blog since August. I have been trying to keep it interesting for all the headz out leave a comment & a suggestion. PEACE!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Big Daddy Kane

Brooklyn, New York's Antonio Hardy AKA Big Daddy Kane was an original hip hop pioneer growing up in the Bed-Stuy section of Brooklyn. One of my top 10 MC's of all time...Kane was one of the first to come hard & raw on his tracks. His first 2 albums are str8 up classic material. It's sad to say he got soft after that. He still shown some great lyrical ability and at certain times on his later albums you get a snif of the old Kane. BDK (the original Pimp of hip hop) also posed for Playgirl & Madonna’s Sex book...and who could forget his role in the Mario Van Peebles western "Posse". I saw Kane in Rochester last summer & cat was as nice as ever...look out for new material comming soon!!!
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Long Live the Kane

Image Hosted by
It's a Big Daddy Thing

Image Hosted by
Taste of Chocolate

Image Hosted by
Prince of Darkness

Image Hosted by
Looks Like a Job For...

Image Hosted by
Daddy's Home

Image Hosted by
Veteranz Day

Image Hosted by
The Very Best of Big Daddy Kane

1. Raw
2. Set It Off
3. Ain't No Half-Steppin'
4. Word To The Mother (Land)
5. I'll Take You There
6. Just Rhymin' With Biz
7. Another Victory
8. I Get The Job Done
9. Wrath Of Kane (Live)
10. Warm It Up, Kane
11. Smooth Operator
12. Young, Gifted And Black
13. Rap Summary (Lean On Me) (Remix)
14. Cause I Can Do It Right
15. It's Hard Being The Kane
16. Very Special
17. Give A Demonstration

Friday, January 26, 2007

Buckwild Remix's

In my opinion Buckwild has long been both the most reliable AND the most diverse member of the DITC crew when it comes to knocking out a tune. Anyone listening in the early 90s can tell you what a Diamond D track sounds like or what a typical Lord Finesse beat will do, but can you really tell me OC's classic "Times Up" shares much sonically with Black Rob's "Woah"? Like LL says, I don'think so. And he's still doing it! If there is one thing that unites many (not all) Buck produced tracks it's the space. Rarely does he fill a track up to the brim with layered samples when a fresh loop and hard beat will do the job. It's this economy that unites the tracks below.

Buckwild Remix Mixtape (Download)

1. Artifacts - Come on With The Get Down
2. AZ - Your World Dan't Stop
3. Beastie Boys/Q-Tip - Get It Together
4. Brand Nubian - Word Is Bond
5. Channel Live - Mad IZM
6. Grand Puba/Sadat X - I Like It
7. Guru & Bahamadia - Respect The Architect
8. Kool Keith - Yo Black
9. Lance Da Booms - Cut That Weak Shit
10. Lord Finesse - Hip To The Game
11. Nas & AZ - Lifes A Bitch
12. Little Indian - One Little Indian
13. Organized Konfusion - Bring It On
14. Funkdoobiest - Rock On
15. Show & AG - You Know Now
16. Special Ed - Lyrics
17. The Alkaholics - Daam!

Sean Price - Jesus Price Superstar (Retail)

Well. The real shit is here. This is the REAL retail & not the Advance copy with some low voice shoutin every 30 seconds. Please sit back, light a blunt, and peep the nicest MC on mic devices SEAN P. If you support real hip hop BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!!

Sean Price - Jesus Price Superstar [RETAIL] (Download)

1. Jesus Price Intro
2. Like U
3. P-Body (w/ Rock Of Heltah Skeltah) (prod. 9th Wonder)
4. Cardiac (w/ Ruste Juxx/Buckshot) (prod. Illmind)
5. Violent (prod. 9th Wonder)
6. Da God (w/ Buckshot & Sadat X)
7. Oops Upside Ya Head (w/ Steele)
8. Church (w/ Rock and the Loudmouf Choir) (prod. Tommy Tee)
9. King Kong (prod. Khrysis)
10. One (prod. Khrysis)
11. You Already Know (prod. 9th Wonder)
12. Director's Cut (prod. Khrysis)
13. Let It Be Known (w/ Phonte) (prod. 9th Wonder)
14. Hearing Aid (w/ Chaundon) (prod. 9th Wonder)
15. Mess You Made (w/ Block McCloud

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Crooklyns Classic Mixtape (Pete Rock Remixes)

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Im on that Pete Rock tip this i put together a little mix of some of the greatest Pete Rock REMIX singles....Enjoy!!

Crooklyns Classic Pete Rock Remixes (Download)
1. Das EFX - The Real Hip Hop
2. Da Youngstas - Pass The Mic
3. Jamal - Fade's Em All
4. Chi Ali - Funky Lemonade
5. Brand Nubian - Slow Down
6. Common Sence - Ressurection
7. Katalyst - Let's All Hang Out
8. Das EFX - Jussumen
9. EPMD - Rampage
10. Public Enemy - Nightrain
11. Jeru The Damaja - Can't Stop The Profit
12. K-Solo - Letterman
13. Lords Of The Underground - Flow On
14. Biggy - Juicy
15. Public Enemy - Shut'em Down
16. Slum Village - Once Upon A Time
17. Mary J - They Reminisce
18. House Of Pain - Jump Around

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Pete & C.L. Smooth - Rare Tracks, Remixes

Each track is impossible to find on a cd and can only be heard on 12" vinyl. Every track is carefully crafted by the #1 soulbrother /chocalate boy wonder/producer extraordinare-Pete Rock. Throw these classic joints in your whip, cd player and there is no track searching with this album as cl flows over Pete's Treat's. When you sit there and listen to this think to yourself that you will NEVER hear music like this again as the hip hop game has forever been changed due to the mass media and whack mc's!

Pete & C.L. Smooth - Rare Tracks, Remixes - Rare Tracks, Remixes [JAPAN IMPORT]
1. Searching [Remix]
2. Take You There [Remix]
3. Lots of Lovin [Remix]
4. I Got a Love [Remix]
5. It's Not a Game [Unavailable on LP-Vocal]
6. Mecca and the Soul Brother [Wig Out Mix]
7. Creator [EP Mix - Vocal]
8. Straighten It Out [Vocal Remix]
9. They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) [Vibes Mix]
10. Get on the Mic

Monday, January 22, 2007

The Philly Hip Hop Scene

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Philadelphia has produced a few of the most hard-edged rappers, including Schoolly D and Kurupt. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were one of the first to put Philly on the map. The Roots have also been followed by underground fans since the mid-1990s. It also famous for early 2000s mainstream acts such as Beanie Sigel, Eve, Freeway, State Property, Cassidy and Cyssero.

The past few years there has been some artists spittin fire on the Philly underground that don't get the credit they deseve. Here are a few albums that get a constant rotation on my CD & MP3 player........

Reef The Lost Cauze - 'Feast Or Famine' Man, nobody can argue, that Reef isn't one of our days most talented lyricists. I knew that the lyrical content would be crazy, but that the beats would be that great too, I couldn't imagine. Reef used to battle and freestyle alot, and since I heard Wordsworth's (great freestyle rapper) Mirror Music, I've been a little scepticle towards freestyle rappers making albums, but FEAST OR FAMINE is just plain serious, hardcore, hilarious, interlectual, society-concious and funny rap. He mix it all and creates something new, something that the hip hop has been missing.
Jus Allah - 'All Fates Have Changed' Jus Allah is perhaps one of the most unique MC's to emerge in the last decade, coupling a *twist* on Islam ideology with a fantastic, (and rarely heard elsewhere), cynicism towards mankind. Many of the critcisms of this album seem to be for what I think makes jus allah and jedi mind tricks so unique; their brutality, philosophical and religious ramblings, and occasionally blasphemous or shocking lyrics. Definately a great buy if you like JMT or other grimey hip hop.
Chief Kamachi - 'Concrete Gospel' Kamach has to be one of Philly's most slept on emcees out there, but eventually this man will get the recognition he deserves in the indie market and in the game. Concrete Gospel is his sophomore effort. The title of this album would lead one to believe this is a spiritual expedition, and while Kamach does delve into his spiritual side, it doesn't make up the basis of this album, such as Killah Priest's Heavy Mental. Instead, the foundation for this album is made strictly of concrete; meaning his ghetto tales make up just as much of this album as his religious struggles.
The Last Emperor - 'Music Magic Myth' I love this album because it made me think about alot of things. The beats were off the hook! The words he spoke were very instructive, and his sounds took me on a journey. This whole album is all good. Last Emp has been around for well over a decade gracing our ears with his creativity. His rhyme book should be better described as a series of scrolls. Anyone who knows anything about true hip-hop, recognizes this man's brilliance and witty wordplay.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

DJ Premier Blends

'DJ Premier Blends (Old School Tracks Over DJ Premier Beats)
1. Eric B & Rakim - 'I Know You Got Soul' w/ 'Just To Get A Rep (Stamp Blend)'
2. The Roots - 'Don't Say Nuthin' w/ 'Take It Personal (Stamp Blend)'
3. J-Live - 'True School Anthem' w/ 'The Format (Stamp Blend)'
4. C.L. Smooth - 'Warm Outside' w/ 'Sucka Free (Stamp Blend)'
5. Jurassic 5 - 'What's Golden' w/ 'Mass Appeal (Stamp Blend)'
6. Mobb Deep - 'Drop A Gem On Em' w/ 'Ante Up (Stamp Blend)'
7. Masta Ace Inc. - 'The B-Side' w/ 'First Nigga (Stamp Blend)'
8. Nas - 'One Love' w/ 'Crooklyn Dodgers II (Stamp Blend)'
9. Jeru The Damaja - 'Ya Playin Yaself' w/ 'Rock Stars (Stamp Blend)'
10. Dr. Dre feat. Snoop Dogg - 'Still D.R.E.' w/ 'Thick (Stamp Blend)'
11. Jedi Mind Tricks feat. Kool G Rap - 'Animal Rap' w/ 'The Militia (Stamp Blend)'
12. Smif N Wesson feat. Talib Kweli - 'Crystal Stair' w/ 'Recognize (Stamp Blend)'
13. Boulevard Connection feat. Rakaa Iriscience, Last Emperor, Maylay Sparks, Babu - 'Copenhagen (Claimin Respect)' w/ 'Emcees Act Like They Don’t Know (Stamp Blend)’
14. Mos Def - 'Ms. Fat Booty' w/ 'Unbelievable (Stamp Blend)'
15. Naughty By Nature - 'Feel Me Flow' w/ 'Enough Beef (Stamp Blend)'
16. Big Shug - 'The Way It Iz' w/ 'The Enemy (Stamp Blend)'
17. Gza/ Genius - 'Beneath The Surface' w/ 'M.U.G. (Stamp Blend)'
18. Asheru feat. Talib Kweli - 'Mood Swing' w/ 'Suspended In Time (Stamp Blend)'
19. Black Moon - 'How Many Emcees' w/ 'Lady (Stamp Blend)'
20. Lord Finesse feat. O.C., KRS-One - 'Brainstorm' w/ 'Come Clean (Stamp Blend)'
21. Common feat. Sadat X - '1-9-9-9' w/ 'Above The Clouds (Stamp Blend)’

Friday, January 19, 2007

Common Sense - Can I Borrow A Dollar?

Many won't remember Common's first LP mainly because it wasn't heavily promoted. I bought the album after seeing the video for "Take It EZ" on The Box back in 1992 (that song and video are super tight). With production handled by Immenslope and Twilite Tone (The Beatnuts produce one track), a young Common (known as Common Sense at the time) rips track after track with a unique style and a charisma that wasn't really present in the hardcore climate of rap music at the time. Can I Borrow A Dollar wasn't exactly a landmark debut, but it was good enough to turn some heads. He wouldn't fully hit his stride until his second LP Ressurection (now THAT was a landmark LP). This album mostly revolves around hittin' skins, guzzling 40 oz's, and kicking flavor. If I had to find a flaw in the album, it would have to be a lack of subject matter. "Heidi Hoe", "Puppy Chow", and "Tricks Up My Sleeve" (along with a few others) are all about hittin' skins and "Two Scoops Of Raisins" is skippable, but those songs have dope beats that will make you listen anyway (well, I know I did). Another problem I had was the fact that some of the singles released were remixes that were very hard to come by. The remixes for "Soul By The Pound" and "Breaker 1/9" are definitely tighter than the originals contained on the LP, but my complaints about the album are pretty minor. This album shows a young, confident, and talented Common Sense kicking flavor. There's no filler, no fluff, and no b.s. There's just an ill MC getting busy over tight beats. Rap music from today could really use a return to the music of this era because raw skills have been replaced by marketability and it's truly saddening. If you want a taste of what cats like me were listening to when we were young (I was 15 at the time), then cop this disc; you won't be dissapointed.

Common Sense - Can I Borrow a Dollar?
Common Sense Instrumental

1. A Penny For My Thoughts
2. Charms Alarm

3. Take It EZ
4. Heidi Hoe
5. Breaker 1/9

6. Two Scoops Of Raisins
7. No Defense
8. Blows To The Temple

9. Just In The Nick Of Rhyme
10. Tricks Up My Sleeve
11. Puppy Chow

12. Soul By The Pound
13. Pitchin' Pennies

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Crooklyns Classics Is Back

Im back muthafuckaz!!! Sorry bout the delay but i just moved back to BKNY and my computer crashed during the move....not from a virus...but down 3 flights of stairs. Anyway, your boy is back so keep peepin the classics daily!!!!!

Digable Planets
Digable Planets formed in the early '90s, when Butterfly (b. Ishmael Butler, Brooklyn, NY) met Ladybug (b. Mary Ann Vieira, Silver Springs, MD) while attending college in Massachusetts. The two later hooked up with Doodlebug (b. Craig Irving, Philadelphia, PA), in Washington, D.C.

Image Hosted by
Blowout Comb This is one of those albums that just slides through the cracks between genres. It's also the quintessential hip hop album. Along side 'The Low End theory,' 'Things Fall Apart,' Paul's Boutique,' 'Stankonia'... It takes hip hop to new places, it makes the whole more than what it was. Few albums accomplish that- stepping up the game for all involved and raising the collective ante.

Image Hosted by
Reachin (A New Refuatation of Time and Space) Digable Planets released "Reachin' (A New Refutation of Time and Space)" in 1993 to great success. The CD went gold, as did their first single, "Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat)," which peaked at #15 on the Top 100. The song was a huge breakthrough - it didn't sound like anything else on the radio. They even received a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist, losing to Toni Braxton, and "Rebirth of Slick" won Best Rap Group Single, beating out Arrested Development and Naughty by Nature among others.
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