Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Crooklyns Fix In The 06 (Part 1)

2006 was a year of overantisipated & disappointing mainstream releases (Busta, Method Man, DMX, ect.) Thats why sometimes you have to dig deep into the underground to get your Hip Hop fix. Here are a few of the hidden gems i uncovered that kept my head ringing through the 06.....

Pack FM - Whutduzfmstand4? Won's 2006 People's Choice Award for 2006 Album of the Year, and rightfully so. WhutduzFMstand4? shows PackFM as an MC capable of capturing both the audience's attention and imagination. Overall, the mix of pensive and cocky rhymes mesh well with the stirring beats, making this debut an intriguing riddle. Hip-Hop fans may not discover what "FM" stands for, but at least they will know what the man behind the name represents. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
A.G. - Get Dirty Radio This cat brought it back raw this time. After the tragically wask albu the Dirty Version from '99, I knew there would be people doubting this cat, but he proved me wrong. Another classic from the D.I.T.C. click. If you never heard of 'em, you're missing out on a important piece of hip hop history.
Main Flow & 7L - Flow Season The highly anticipated full-length collaboration from Cincinatti/San Diego rhyme vet MAIN FLOW (MOOD) and Boston beatsmith 7L (7L & ESOTERIC, ARMY OF THE PHARAOHS, DEMIGODZ). Flow Season features something for everyone from the gun toting/name dropping of "No Gangsta" to the upbeat Beatnut-esqe "She Like The Way I Talk" to the verbal gymnastics displayed by Main Flow and Esoteric on "Top Scholars" to the hardcore underground thump of "The Show". With Main Flow constantly touring the globe and collaborating with everyone from DJ Lethal, Talib Kweli, Scott Storch to Planet Asia & Killah Priest.
KRS-One - Life When you think of the complete MC, KRS immediately comes to mind. When you cop a KRS album you already know what to expect. And that is knowledge reigns supreme, and out of this world rhymes. I admit most of the hooks is pretty simple, but KRS is not about that. Most of these tracks is not the type you bang out in your whip. You gotta sit down and listen to what he's sayin'. He still has that vicious flow and can make the worst beat sound good.
Skyzoo & 9th Wonder - Cloud 9: The 3 Day High Skyzoo is a Brooklyn cat I had been following for a minute. I knew this kid possessed some mad skills. It definitely helps that 9th Wonder entirely produces this effort; his production is correct on each track. Although Skyzoo's flow is rough, and rugged, and 9th's producer is soulful, the two go together like peanut butter & jelly on this release. Sky sounds entirely at home over 9th's beat, and impresses with his street narratives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Where is ghostface? o_O?

5:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Word Crooklyn!
Kris is THE MC!
Track 9 is giving me shivers man!
This is beyond HipHop!
But too deep for most Rap fans!
I´ve been digging BDP for ages because of the lyrics!
And I am checking all of his releases although it´s not simple listening to them like u said.
Gotta check his book "Ruminations"
if u haven´t and support

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:55 AM  

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