Monday, January 22, 2007

The Philly Hip Hop Scene

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Philadelphia has produced a few of the most hard-edged rappers, including Schoolly D and Kurupt. DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince were one of the first to put Philly on the map. The Roots have also been followed by underground fans since the mid-1990s. It also famous for early 2000s mainstream acts such as Beanie Sigel, Eve, Freeway, State Property, Cassidy and Cyssero.

The past few years there has been some artists spittin fire on the Philly underground that don't get the credit they deseve. Here are a few albums that get a constant rotation on my CD & MP3 player........

Reef The Lost Cauze - 'Feast Or Famine' Man, nobody can argue, that Reef isn't one of our days most talented lyricists. I knew that the lyrical content would be crazy, but that the beats would be that great too, I couldn't imagine. Reef used to battle and freestyle alot, and since I heard Wordsworth's (great freestyle rapper) Mirror Music, I've been a little scepticle towards freestyle rappers making albums, but FEAST OR FAMINE is just plain serious, hardcore, hilarious, interlectual, society-concious and funny rap. He mix it all and creates something new, something that the hip hop has been missing.
Jus Allah - 'All Fates Have Changed' Jus Allah is perhaps one of the most unique MC's to emerge in the last decade, coupling a *twist* on Islam ideology with a fantastic, (and rarely heard elsewhere), cynicism towards mankind. Many of the critcisms of this album seem to be for what I think makes jus allah and jedi mind tricks so unique; their brutality, philosophical and religious ramblings, and occasionally blasphemous or shocking lyrics. Definately a great buy if you like JMT or other grimey hip hop.
Chief Kamachi - 'Concrete Gospel' Kamach has to be one of Philly's most slept on emcees out there, but eventually this man will get the recognition he deserves in the indie market and in the game. Concrete Gospel is his sophomore effort. The title of this album would lead one to believe this is a spiritual expedition, and while Kamach does delve into his spiritual side, it doesn't make up the basis of this album, such as Killah Priest's Heavy Mental. Instead, the foundation for this album is made strictly of concrete; meaning his ghetto tales make up just as much of this album as his religious struggles.
The Last Emperor - 'Music Magic Myth' I love this album because it made me think about alot of things. The beats were off the hook! The words he spoke were very instructive, and his sounds took me on a journey. This whole album is all good. Last Emp has been around for well over a decade gracing our ears with his creativity. His rhyme book should be better described as a series of scrolls. Anyone who knows anything about true hip-hop, recognizes this man's brilliance and witty wordplay.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just found out that Jazze Pha, Teddy Bishop and Brian Michael Cox are gonna be scouting unsigned Hip Hop talent through a new website (launches on Monday, Jan 29) – check it out Word is Blender mag is on board, too!

3:05 PM  
Anonymous CB4 said...

Great post... the Jus Allah album made me pull out all my JMT shit too..

4:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last Emp is amazing man!
Had the opportunity to see him perform in a shitty club in Germany where I live!
The crowd was made up of like 30 ignorant ass kids who didn´t know jack about real HipHop and me & 2 homies.
But Emp is 100% professional MC!
Did a very good job!
That "Secret Wars" ish is off the hook man.
Heard it first on the concert - that´s when I decided to get the LP.
I just knew Emp from That "C.I.A" joint with KRS and Zack de la Rocha
on Lyricist Lounge.
Much Props & Keep on keepin´on!!!

9:00 AM  
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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