Saturday, December 09, 2006

Some Shit Ive Been Bumpin ....Part 2

What up peoples!!! Sorry for the delay but ive been on a little vacation the past week and a half. But now the kid is back to bring you some more Classic Hip Hop joints on the daily. These are a few albums ive just recently re-discovered....peep em!!!!!!

The Lox - Money Power Respect The LOX come good (no homo) with their debut album. This was before the D-Block movement they got goin' on now so it may be different to new LOX fans, but it's still heat. Jadakiss, Styles, and Sheek show with this album that they had skills then and still do now. Buckshot - BDI Thug A lot of peoples perception got turned off by this album when it originally dropped in 99. Most people were expecting a Black Moon album backed by all Beatminerz production. This solo album shows a more personal side to Buckshot. The album is solid, it got overly hated on. Lyrically its on point like a dart. Buckshot spits some hot, raw lyrics, the production is very different, but good different. EPMD - Business As Usual On Business As Usual, EPMD appears rougher than before. Erick and Parrish have never sounded better than here. Check out "Hardcore" and "Brothers On My Jock", and the man himself LL Cool J are guest on the sovereign hitsingle, "Rampage". DJ Scratch have an insane hook on this song, where his scratching sound genius. It sounds very energetic, and it's hard to explain, but the whole record basically has an unique energy and mood feel which make you never get tired of it. Memphis Bleek - Coming Of Age Memphis Bleek has a lot to offer but he doesn't show it when he limits his lyrics to only a few things, Women, Money, and all the other flashy stuff people crave. Now he does open his mind up on some tracks letting you know his potential. Besides that this album has some great production and that's where Bleek unleashes the real Bleek. Tracks like Stay alive in NYC, You a thug, and Regular cat. After hearing this album you start to realize in his more recent albums Bleek relies on his production to much but not on this he was hungrier and more aggressive than he is now.


Anonymous turtle said...

Business as Usual is my favorite EPMD lp for all the reasons mentioned. They use the same beat as N.W.A used on I'm Mad. Dope.

11:44 PM  
Anonymous AngrybOb said...

The Undisputed Haavy Weight Of Hip Hop .....ERICK.......SERMON......
Nice Post i hope you can introduce EPMD to some New School heads and get em diggin through the crates searching for more...


4:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger Skylar said...

I think an EPMD retrospective is in order

12:58 AM  

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