Thursday, February 08, 2007

Main Source

It was 1991...hip hop was in its creative peak. A man named Large Professor was creating SLAMMIN' beats on his sp 1200. Classic emceeing backed by timeless music makes for one of the greatest groups in hip hop history, and one of the greatest albums ever created...1991's Breaking Atoms.

Breaking Atoms (1991)

Fuck What You Think (1994)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:59 AM  
Blogger alley al said...

yo, i've been getting pummelled on other sites, cuz i was never a huge main source fan, but what did the 2 brothers do for the group? and how did they carry on when mikey d stepped in? i read an article/interview a while back that the brothers' mom was the manager, which led to the mc's demise..

9:42 AM  

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