Thursday, September 07, 2006

The Soundbombing Trilogy

As the home of Black Star and Company Flow, Rawkus has made a name for itself as the label for any late-1990s discerning hip-hop fan. But DJs have come to know Rawkus as the home of some of the underground's best singles/tracks that were available only on vinyl until the label started the Soundbombing series.

Soundbombing Vol.1 Mixed by one of the illest DJ's on the planet, DJ Evil Dee from Black Moon. Dee puts together some of the finest MC's to ever emerge from the underground It includes the orginal Rawkus 12''s which, in my opinion are some of the best underground hip hop traks to come out in the late nineties. It contained some of the earliest material from Mos and Kweli, it helped start out Company Flow, and Shabaam Sahdeeq was butter all over this and was a major highlight.
Soundbombing Vol. 2 Mixed by The Beat Junkies, some of the best DJ work I've ever heard on any album. Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Pharohe Monch, Sadat X, and others come correct on just about every verse you've heard. Eminem handles his job on the track "Any Man", the best I've ever heard him rhyme. Talib Kweli and Bahamadia swap verses on the song "Chaos". Dialated People's join up with Tha Alkaholik's member Tash, for the song "Soundbombing". One of the best tracks is the Common and Sadat X song "1-9-9-9" on one of the most relaxed beats. This album is the perfect representation of what Rawkus in its prime stood for. It simply doesn't get better than this. Soundbombing Vol. 3 Mixed by Cypha Sounds and Mr. Choc. When SB 3 came out I was skeptical to whether or not to check out the CD. So I bought it and fortunately it turned out to be another breath of fresh air. "The Life" with Pharaohe and Styles P is hot. (Its mainly the beat and pharaohe which makes the track shine) "My life" with Kool G Rap is dope. "Put it the air", "They Don't Flow", "Spit Again" and "On The Black (Golden Era)" are bangers also.

Soundbombing Vol. 1(Download) (Tracklist)
Soundbombing Vol. 2(Download) (Tracklist)
Soundbombing Vol. 3(Download) (Tracklist)


Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

you can never go wrong with the soundbooming series, my only beef is with vol.1, i love it and i love evil dee as a producer, but he needs to shut the fuck up, he was fucking up the song,other than that it was the most slept on and the most underground out of all the series, and that freestyle track number 10 with mos def and talib kweli is hot, i love that beat, i can picture nas rippin the shit out of that beat, it fits him a lot, that beat is correct technique by black attack. peace.

1:24 AM  

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