Thursday, August 31, 2006

Brand Nubian

Grand Puba, Lord Jamar,Sadat X, Alamo "Raised in the ghetto singin songs called survival... Hava stout if you know what i'm talkin about" . The Nubians along with (Public Enemy, EPMD, Poor Righteous Teachers, & The Wu-Tang) go down as one of my top 5 hip hop groups of all time. They are "the thinking-man's rap group" stayin true to there 5% islamic beliefs. One For All was one of the first albums to get 5 mic's in the Souce (when the mag was credible). Grand Puba left the group soon after there debut, and many headz thought that would be the downfall of the group. That was untill Sadat X, Jamar, & Alamo released the track "Punks Jump Up Tp Get Beat Down" on In God We Trust. That album & Everything is Everything proved that the Nubians could make a dope album without there frontman. Puba came back in 1998 on The Return and solidified Brand Nubian's reputation as one of the greatest rap groups in history.

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One For All(1990)

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In God We Trust(1993)

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Everything is Everything (1994)

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Fire in The Hole ( 2004 )

Grand Puba... After leaving the Nubians, Grand Puba aka Grand Puba Maxwell released 1992's Reel to Reel, which featured the excellent singles "360 Degrees (What Goes Around)" and "Check It Out" (with Mary J. Blige). 2000 had some bangers also... I Like It & Little of This were classic Puba material. The solo joint's were solid, but it just wasn't the same without his nubian brothers.
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Reel To Reel (1992)

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2000 (1995)

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Understand This (2001)

Sadat X... Born Derek Murphy, X was always my favorite MC of the three. Two years after Brand Nubian's third album, Everything Is Everything, he made his solo debut with Wild Cowboys, which built on his lyrical reputation on top of tough, jazz-inflected arrangements. The album, featuring production from Diamond D. and Buckwild, was a solid solo debut. The Lump Lump, Stages And Lights, & The Wild Cowboys from Bucktown (with O.G.C.) are among my fav tracks. The State of New York vs. Derek Murphy EP was another solid release that was highly slept on. Look out for Sadat's next release Black October which comes out on October 3rd.
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Wild Cowboys (1996)

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The State of New York vs Derek Murphy (2000)

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Experience and Education (2005)

Lord Jamar was always the more militant minded of the Nubians and it shows on his debut release The 5% Album. The album is designed to enlighten the "85s" (the 85% of the population who are mentally deaf, dumb and blind). There's number crunching and Jamar talks about the sun and planets, but its an easy listen thanks to tight beats provided by a diverse line-up of producers and Jamar's uncomplicated rhymes (now whether you understand the knowledge is something else). The 5% Album's appeal is hit-or-miss. It boils down to if you understand the influence the movement had on early rap and are interested in it, your familiarity with Lord Jamar, and if you're already down with the Nation.
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The 5 Percent Album (2006)


Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

one for all is a classic album, nuff said,standout tracks are,all for one, feel so good,and slow down,in god we trust to me was their best album, in this album they were just angry and the production was dark and bananas,standout tracks are,allah u akbar,pass the gat,the godz,and love me or leave me alone,everything is everything at first was mad hard to listen to i didn't like it at first but after a couple of listens i got used to it,this album is way better than foundation, and fire in the whole, standout tracks are word is bond (i like the buckwild remix better),alladat,sweatin' bullets,lick dem muthaphuckas (remix),down for real,return of the dread, and hold on,grand puba is mad underrated,the understand this album wasn't good at all,reel to reel album is crack,he did his thing on some of the the production,and the bass these tracks have are crazy,standout tracks are check the resume,360,check it out,reel to reel,soul controller,back it up (my favorite track),and baby whats your name,the 2000 album is my favorite from grand puba, top notch production,standout tracks arevery special,i like it(i wanna be where you are)(this song brings me back mad memories in the summer of '95 when hot 97 used to be real hip hop i was only 8 but i still remember this song),a little of this,don't waste my time,and change gonna come, sadat x is mad underrated as well, in fact to me i think he's the standout member to me, but puba lyrics stick like pine tree sap too, but anyways, wild cowboys is a classic album, very very hard to find, until recently when i went ny to visit (i no longer live in ny ive been livin' in fla for the past 4 years now)i went in my cousins room and was lookin at his cd collection and i saw a original copy of wild cowboys and i wanted it so bad that i wanted to steal it but i just left it there, the production is bananas,its a dark album, and very underrated,standout tracks are the lump lump,sauce for birdheads,hang em high,game sober,stage & lights(my favorite track,jay-z would rip this track before he lost his hip hop roots,and he made a freestyle over this beat in funk flex's second album,move on, the funkiest(my second favorite, its that jazz sample that got me, and the hashout(my third favorite, the beat is mad dark and has a mysterious feel to it),Experience and Education is hot it was a fresh breath of air especially all of the garbage thats been put out in the radio,he really did his thing on this album, it was good to hear him again, and i heard he's comin out with an album in october, can't wait for that,standout tracks are the great diamond d,and help yourself,the lord jamar album for me was hard for me to listen to, simply because i wasn't really a fan of lord jamar,i liked him back in the day but he kind of lost it a lil bit to me i just gotta really listen to the album a couple of times for me to like it. peace.

8:26 PM  
Blogger Crooklyn said...

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With the amount of commercials regarding various programs and procedures just about everywhere, it can get difficult to understand exactly what it is definitely that's right for you. Yet learning the best plan for implies that you need to understand exactly what life insurance is definitely. What is it that you should know about insurance coverage? Life insurance is definitely, extremely merely, an understanding in your way on the path to the life insurance provider: you consent to spend a specific amount to the firm each month and the business wants to pay for the particular sum total to your family members or even nominee after your loss of life. At the end of the day, you get the peace of mind that your family will be a minimum of financially safe ought to some thing occur to a person. Different companies provide you different life insurance coverage programs. A few procedures might be expression plans '" that is for a fixed period of time; while others may be lifestyle programs '" that is, till the day you expire. Each strategy demands you to definitely spend reduced for the policy that you simply purchase. You have the option of spending the particular superior on an annual foundation too '" which can save you the trouble associated with monthly simple guidelines. chwilówki Discounts get with regard to safety features for example anti-lock brakes, air bags plus anti-theft gadgets. In addition , an Experienced Company Price cut emerges to lower insurance costs for companies that have been in business over 3 years. A professional Commercial Driver Low cost can also be provided: the longer a drivers has been around the use of the same business, or maybe the much less modifications associated with companies inside a provided period, the bigger the particular lower price given. Employment history has also been shown to come with an important relationship to a driver's reliability, particularly pertaining to his understanding of company-determined paths or even firm delivery circuits.

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