Monday, September 04, 2006

Guru - Baldhead Slick & The Click

Baldhead Slick & Da Click Download)

With BALDHEAD SLICK AND THE CLICK the former Gang Starr supremo quits his previous acid jazz experimentation for straight-ahead, back-to-the-roots rap. This has some "off the chain" production work & great guest apearences make the album. Guru executive produces the entire album.

1. Where's Our Money? 2. Back 2 Back (Prod. DJ Premier) 3. Rollin' Dolo (feat: Ed O.G./ Big Shug/ Krumbsnatcha/ Prod. by Agallah) 4. No Surviving (Prod. Guru) 5. Underground Connections (feat: Ice T/ Prod. by E-Boogie) 6. Niggaz Know (feat. Treach/ Kaeson/ Prod. by P.F. Cuttin) 7. In Here feat. (Timbo King/ Killah Peist/ Black Jesus/ Prod. by Alchemist) 8. The Come Up (Prod. by Adam West) 9. Cry (Prod. By Ayatollah) 10. O.G. Talk 11. Pimp Shit (Prod. by Pete Rock) 12. Never Ending Saga 13. War Tactics feat. Fatal Hussein/ James Gotti/ Prod. by Stoupe of Jedi Mind Tricks) 14. Collectin' Props (Prod. by Alchemist) 15. Revolutionist (Prod. by J-Love) 16. No Grease 17. How You Gonna Be A Killa? (feat. Smitty/ Prod. by Smitty) 18. Stay Outta My Face (feat. Big Shug) 19. The Anthem (prod. by DJ Roach)

Black Label: Hip Hop 101

This was a Tomy Boy compilation album executive produced by De La Soul back in 2001 . It's got some rare tracks and great beats. It' is sure to keep your head nodding from start to finish.
Black Label: Hip Hop 101 (Download)
1. Self Scientific - Best Part (Prod. DJ Khalil) 2. Jigmastas - Let Me Hear It (Prod. DJ Spinna) 3. De La Soul - So Good (feat. - Camp Lo) 4. Defari - Blast 5. Talib Kweli & Tony Touch - What They May Seem 6. Strick & Royce Da 5'9" - It's Over 7. Da Matrix - Beat Biter 8. Natural Elements - Live it Up (Pt. 2) 9. Maseo - Words & Verbs 10. Masta Ace - Splash (Prod. J-Love) 11. Bad Seed - Pockets 12. Medina Green - I See 13. Royce Da 5'9" - I Won't Be (Prod. Alchemist) 14. Deadly Snakes - Culebras (Remix)


Anonymous qnzgrimiest said...

guru is tha man!!!, he's mad underrated, people bug him because of his monotone delivery,but thats what makes him different, but lets be real without primo he's not as good, but this album here is an exception,the production on this is bananas,he really did his thing, he really brought it back,the first two jazzmatazz albums are hot, i didn't really like streetsoul, the only song i liked was keep your worries with angie stone,my favorite songs are rolling dolo (that beat make u wanna merk somebody, nah mean),and o.g. talk (teflon is so gully,he shouldve made a solo track with this beat,it fits him good, and his album my will is a sleeper, on some hibernating status.peace.

3:48 PM  

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