Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hip Hop "Live"

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Live Hip hop is on a much different level than a studio recording. Some headz just can't pull it off...but the true hip hop artists know how to rock a show. These are the best 3 live hip hop albums ive heard. All great quality and sure to get you hype!

Boogie Down Productions - Live Hardcore Worldwide The Greatest Live Hip Hop Album Ever. It is a compilation of live KRS-1/BDP concerts in NY, Europe, London, ect. KRS-1 is a better MC live than on CD. And that is not a disrespect in the least because on CD he is still the greatest. The only way he would lose in a rhyme battle is if he battled himself. If you could only have one KRS-1/BDP album, GET THIS ONE! If you don't like this one, maybe you should stay listening to 50 cent & DL4.
The Roots Come Alive As soon as I heard that The Roots were dropping a live album back in '99, I ran to the store and purchased it. I had already seen them live and I knew exactly what to expect. And on this CD, they didn't let me down (which they rarely ever do). These are all songs that you've probably heard before on their studio releases. But they take these same classic joints to another level when they do them live. There are some freestyles and other things that are on this album that make them take another shape than what the studio tracks sound like. There are also two bonus studio joints on here. What You want feat. Jaguar (from the "Best Man" soundtrack) and a super tight bonus track on the end of the CD that has Malik B on it. Overall, if you haven't heard this album, or if you haven't seen them live and you're a big Roots fan, then grab this shit. You'll love it. Survival Of The Illest: Live From 125 N.Y.C. This live recording is taken form one of the best concerts of the summer of 98. Cormega, Onyx, Redman, Method Man, Eric Sermon, Keith Murray, Foxy Brown, & DMX Surprisingly, the production is fairly clean, with rhymes audible and beats devoid of distortion. One of the best live eastcoast concerts on CD. DMX & Onyx KILL IT. This cd is sure to get anyone & everyone hype!


Blogger travis said...

GET OUT OF MY PLAY BOOK!!! Hahahaha...taking all my ideas...lol

Great minds think alike I guess.

6:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet i remember seeing Cormega and the whole crew on the survival of the illest tour when I was at a Flying J restaraunt in North Carolina. That was back in middle school. damn. I Still got the poster signed by cormega

8:12 PM  

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