Thursday, August 17, 2006

*Part 3... Slept On Hip Hop in the 90's (1992)*

MC Serch - Return Of The Product
I would write home about "Here it Comes"...Back when I was a kid and that song was on Yo MTV Raps/BET Rap City, I heard that track and was like ho son this cat Nasty Nas is off the hook!!! Hearin it back then, and hearin it now, aint much different.

AMG - Bitch Betta Have My Money
a very, very, nasty rap record, but it's hype. You wont skip a single song. I remember listening to this in my room loud as hell...them my moms busted in ...stole my tape...and told me this album was trash. That made me go out & buy it again the very next day!

The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy - Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury
In 1992 Disposable Heroes came out with one of the most underrated albums of our generation. Hypocrisy Is the Greatest Luxury is what rap and hip-hop should have become; A universal voice for all people who struggle with the issues that dominate the poor and oppressed of every color.

The College Boyz - Radio Fusion Radio
The gem on this album was Victim of the Ghetto, which the beat was later sampled by Nas in Pappa Wuz a Playa. That song definitely was one that I loved back in 92 when I first heard the song and was getting into hip hop. Definitely has you putting it on repeat.

Brothers Uv Da Blakmarket - Ruff Life Password: rapchwast
This this was a very underrated album. I first heard these cats when they opened up for Naughty By Nature. Their classic Livin' In Da Bottle deals with alcohol madness. Cee's rhyming style sticks to the subject matter and cleverly uses metaphors. Others to look out for are To The Head, Ruffneck Style, Gettin Money and I love Loosey's. very good 1st effort. Recommended.

Rough House Survivers - Straight From the Soul
Brooklyn NY's Rough House Survivors released one album, Straight From the Soul, in 1992. DJ Swinn and MCs Dread One, Kev, and Roberto made up the quartet, who were lucky enough to deliver their rhymes on top of some of Tony Dofat's (Mary J. Blige's What's the 411, Heavy D's Blue Funk) best production work. Guest apperences by Grand Puba, Sadat X & C.L. Smooth.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Disposable Heroes' Hipocrisy is a tremendous album. I bought it when it came out and still listen to it today. I've even got the Television 12", so I guess I didn't sleep on this one. So much thought poured into the lyrics. It's sad how hiphop has taken a left turn since then - nowadays, lyrical content takes a back seat to flashy disposable crap.

7:56 PM  
Blogger travis said...

Disappointed you missing Positive K's release from 92', classic shit. But shit you can't have everything...haha...and I swear you're digging through all my favorites. Good shit my man

7:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Serch album was the jam!!! Great post!!

11:04 PM  

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