Wednesday, August 16, 2006

*Part-2... Slept on Hip Hop in the 90's (1991)*

Raw Fusion - Live From Styleetron
Styleetron is one of those albums that I listen to all the way through almost every time I listen to it. I still haven't heard any album that remotely sounds like this (okay, if you like Styles of Beyond, Divine Styler or Downtown Science you'd probably love "Live From the Styleetron"). The sound is unique and perfectly summed up by the concept of the Styleetron itself, "a converted cyclotron that, instead of splitting atoms, fuses musical styles and ideas to create a form of Hip-Hop known as Raw Fusion".
Downtown Science - Downtown S
If you want to hear visionary hip hop before El-P start with his sound, listen to this album.Bosco Money rhymed like few others did at the time (as well as today) and Sam Sever's production was years ahead of its time. Download this album!
KMD - Mr. Hood
KMD is : DJ Subroc, Onyx(not to be confused with the group) & Zev Love X (later known as MF DOOM). Before wearing the mask doom was just a regular dude. This sounds like tribe called quest/de la soul. The production is great. Very fun record, they're always takin vocals from an old vinyl, that guy is mr. hood and there answerin him back over dope beats, hilarious!

Two Kings in a Cipher - From Pyramids to Projects
This album is indeed a underrated gem. This album does fall into the afrocentric category, it is no way as trite/ militant as MG would have you believe. This is packed to the hilt with intricate wordplay, very funky beats, old school samples, and plenty of that fresh early ninety's scratchting. A couple of the four bonus tracks you get aren't on par with the quality of the rest of the album, but hey - they're free! This album is a must have for any old school fan.

Godfather Don - Hazardous
During those oh-so-mediocre days of the “indy revival” in the late 90’s, one of the few artists to actually put out records that still hold up today was Godfather Don. He was a honorary member of the legendary Ultramagnetic MC’s on “The Four Horsemen.
2nd II None - 2nd II None
These two were like a west coast EPMD because they blended perfectly. U could tell them apart easily because Gangsta D had the eazy-e voice with the hard lyrics. While KK had a gruff voice and was a str8 clown. KK would say anything.Once again the whole crew is on this one also: Quik, Hi-C, and AMG. They had a tight click that just seemed to from Voltron how they worked together.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Blogger travis said...

You're killin' man. I swear you are going through all my favorite shit. I was going to up that Raw Fusion in my personal favorites series. I love that album and the VIDEO.....daaaayum, that was an awesome video, haven't seen that shit forever.

That 2nd II None album is also a great album as well. Some of these MF Doom Hipsters don't even know before Doom there was KMD, that album is pure classic. All those albums are great.

Keep it up man!

9:42 PM  

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