Sunday, August 06, 2006

* Killah Priest & Rass Kass *

From Brooklyn to California, These two MC's have been tearing up the underground lyricly for years.

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Killah Priest

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Bedford-Stuyvesant and Brownsville, Killah Priest became infatuated with hip-hop as a child, listening to old-school and new school acts like Eric B. & Rakim alike. He also was influenced by local rappers, like Genius and Onyx's Suave, who would often play local parties. Killah Priest began working on his rhyming and eventually earned a considerable reputation in Brooklyn, but instead of pursuing his musical career further, he took a sabbatical in order to educate himself, primarily about religion and history.

Killah Priest Downloads..........

Heavy Mental

View From Masada

Black August

Black August Revisited

The Hoseman project (w/ Canibus, Ras Kass, & Kurupt)

Priesthood Password: No Password

Black Market Mixtape Vol.1 (w/ Tragedy Khadafi)

Black Market Mixtape Vol.2 (w/ Tragedy Khadafi)

Forth He Shall Come Password: MusH

Hip Hop Disciples XV

A Prelude To The Offering

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Ras Kass

Ras adopted his stage name in honor of the African king Ras Rass. Born John Austin in Watts, CA; a member of the Soleside Crew, is one of the dopest MC's to grace a microphone in a long time. His ability to freestyle combined with his offbeat flow make him almost untouchable on any stage anywhere.

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Ruste Juxx "Slick Vic Da Ruler"(Download)

STR8 from Crown Hieghts Brooklyn NY ....Ruste Juxx presents his brand new Mix CD, SLICK VIC DA RULER, featuring 19 unreleased tracks. Ruste's album is hosted by DJ Snatchatape and has appearances from Buckshot, Sean Price, Blue Flame, and more. DUCK DOWN 4 LIFE!!!

1)Snatchatape Intro 2) Slick Vic Dat Ruler Intro 3) Laraza 4) Gimme Dat featuring Reek & Blaze 5) Dead Daughter 6) Bang, Bang, Bang 7) Don't Fuck Around Shorty featuring Reek and Thunder 8) U Know What Crime Iz It Featuring Reek and Blaze 9) Dusty Fatigues, Featuring Seany 10) Maximus Supreme 11) Can't Fuck With Me, Featuring Seany 12) Crime Heights Finest, Featuring Blue Flame & Buckshot 13) Throwin Da Drop, Featuring Thunder 14) G To Da Sky Featuring Reek (Produced by Ayatollah) 15) 16) Spliff-N-Wessun Featuring Sean Price 17) Break Beat Basha 18) Take Money 19) SLICK VIC DA RULER OUTRO.


Anonymous Battle said...

Priest is the man. Love his material, lyrics and jewls he drops or spills on tracks, plus philosophy on life. He's definetly comin' with it for real.

8:12 PM  

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