Thursday, August 10, 2006

M.O.P.(Mash-Out Posse)

Brooklyn's finest harcore dou M.O.P. (Mash-Out Posse) Lil' Fame and Billy Danzenie are finally back in effect...Always bringin that BK grimey shit to your ears. Im not a G-Unit fan at the least...but these niggaz still bringin the REAL on here new album "Ghetto Warfare". I feel it's there best production by far....and thats what they are usually lacking!

Childhood friends Fame and Danze grew up in the roughest area of Brownsville (Brooklyn, NY) and were members of a neighborhood gang named Mash Out Posse. They debuted in 1993 with the single “How About Some Hardcore”. The underground success of the single, promoted by a gritty, low-budget video from then-unknown director Hype Williams led to their debut album, “To The Death”, a dark and raging LP, was released in 1994 on on the small label, Select Records. The album was fully produced by DR Period. “How About Some Hardcore” became one of the biggest hardcore rap anthems of the 90s.


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