Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Soul Assassins

DJ Muggs has been one of the most underrated producers in hip hop since Cypress Hill came out with their first disc. With these gem's he showcases his ability to make his tracks fit the artist. With a slew of some of todays best MC's from the west, east and south, u cant go wrong.

Soul Assassins - Chapter I[Download]

1. The Time Has Come - Muggs For Soul Assassins
2. Puppet Master - Dr. Dre & B Real
3. Decisions, Decisions - Goodie Mob
4. Third World - RZA & GZA/Genius
5. Battle Of 2001 - Cypress Hill
6. Devil In A Blue Dress - LA The Darkman
7. Heavy Weights - MC Eiht
8. Move Ahead - KRS-One
9. It Could Happen To You - Mobb Deep
10. Life Is Tragic - Infamous Mobb
11. New York Undercover - Call O' Da Wild
12. John 3:16 - Wyclef From Refugee Camp

Soul Assassins, Chapter II[Download]

1. Real Life - Kool G. Rap
2. We Will Survive - G.O.D. Pt.III Of Infamous Mob
3. You Better Believe It - X'zibit & King Tee
4. When The Fat Lady Sings - Gza
5. This Some'n To - Goodie Mob
6. Armageddon (Interlude) - Kurupt
7. Victory Or Defeat - Hostyle Of Screwball
8. Heart Of The Assassin - Chace Infinite/Krondon/Phenam a.k.a. Don Krisis/Ras Kass
9. Suckers Are Hidin - Dilated Peoples
10. When The Pain Inflict - Kurupt/Roscoe
11. Don't Trip - Cypress Hill
12. Razor To Your Throat - Everlast
13. Millennium Thrust - Self-Scientific


Anonymous Anonymous said...

These albums are CLASSIC, ive been meaning to make a thread on them for nbs.


11:50 PM  
Blogger gomez.mega said...

Please Help Me! I've been trying forever to find the original sample that muggs is using at the end of " you better believe it" Does anyone know what it is????

8:48 PM  

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