Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Top Authority & The Legion

Top Authority - Somthin 2 Blaze 2(1993) [Download]

Flint Michigans Top Authority is one of those groups that never had any promotion but still made major noise on the undergroung hardcore hip hop scene.This is a str8 classic gangsta album front to back. The track "Voice's" is a heart pounding track that will get anyone vex just listening to it. Level of a Gangster, Another Murder, & Pop Him are all great hood tracks that have that heavy bass & hardcore feel. "93" (Things Ain't How They Should Be)is the feel good jam of the album...the slow rap jam that comes from the heart. This album is just as good today as it was in 93...non stop G-Music!

The Legion - Theme + Echo = Krill(1994) [Download]

I had COMPLETLY forgotten about this gem untill i dug up a few review's of it on
OH WORD.COM & UNKUT.COM The first time I heard The Legion was on the Black Sheep track "We Boys" off their "Non-Fiction" album. They were aaaiiight...nothing special. Then I saw that they had tracks w/ Black Sheep, Chi Ali ("Who's it on, pt. II") & Showbiz & A.G. ("Who's it on, pt. I") so I decided to give them a chance. I bought it on cassette 13 years ago and somehow it got jacked(like 75% of all my tapes back then). Peepin it today brings back that 94 Native Tounge sound that gives me chills of nostalgia.


Anonymous mutantskillz said...

yo, every time i see that old "rap city" logo on youtube videos, i remember those days. Michael Williams was the man back then.

10:50 PM  
Anonymous Romek said...

thanks for the legion!Jingle jangle is so dope. Peace from Poland

5:53 AM  

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